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Aneta Toader
Aneta Toader

Nursery Blue Teacher

My name is Aneta Toader. I joined the Avenor team of teachers four years ago for the nursery group which brought me great happiness. Having been a part of the Avenor Nursery team for four years now, I find this educational English environment both challenging and resourceful, as the previous school years in Nursery Green have confirmed.

I am also the mother of a boy; a position through which I have discovered how much I enjoy to be around children and to work with them as a teacher. I previously supported expat families in raising their children, as a babysitter, which brought me a lot of joyful moments.  

The past few years have given me the opportunity to improve my English, to develop my communication skills and to better understand children’s needs at different ages. Hence, I discovered through practice which can be an optimal teaching approach for each one of them and became a significant support for both them and their parents.

I have graduated The Faculty of Pedagogy of Preschool and Primary School at Bucharest University and I like to keep up with the new techniques to approach children according to their needs.

The pure joy I feel every day by being around children and observing their significant daily progress when applying learning through ‘play strategies’, keeps me forever curious and eager for the next school day to come.