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Elena Banciu
Elena Banciu

Reception Green Teacher

Hi everyone! I am excited to start the new educational year together with Reception Green children and my colleague Miss Maria.

My career in education started 8 years ago, first as a dance teacher and the following year as a full time teacher in a private nursery. I studied in Belgium at Kortrijk University, part of the KU Leuven Association, Social Pedagogical Art and Creativity Exploration and learned how to use creative skills of expression (dance, drama, visual arts, and music) on a daily basis together with children and people with disabilities.

Afterwards, I continued to use what I had learned in a more practical way: together with a team, we developed a program that had the aim of helping refugees from a small town to become socially included. I designed and held workshops for adults and children who came from ‘conflict areas’ from all over the globe (Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan) and organised a main event with the help of The Red Cross.

Over the last few years I have continued to work as a teacher in private British nurseries in Bucharest. I love helping children develop freely, independently and in accordance with their personalities.