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Florentina Cazacioc
Florentina Cazacioc

Nursery Green Teacher

I am a happy person with lots of smiles to spread around and a great capacity for learning.

One day, in my early 19th year, I found myself taking care of a new born baby sister, highly demanding and quite eager to learn. It was then that I started to have a lot of educational-related questions and started investigating ways in which I could help her develop, learn and grow better. It was also then, that I decided to follow a college, centred on education, to fulfil my dream of working with children.

Concurrent to my college, six years ago, I had the opportunity of starting the magnificent mission of a nursery teacher: taking part in shaping the first years of a young mind that is just discovering the world.

My first year of experience in a nursery school, was with children aged between one and three. Through their eyes, I have reviewed the world and I have learned how to notice and appreciate the beautiful things around me.

During my first year in Avenor I have had the opportunity to be a part of a great community focused on children’s emotional and educational needs. I have shared with the children my passion for storytelling and books making them curious to discover new stories and characters with more independence. 

My aim for next year in Avenor is to continue guiding the first steps of the young children by providing a safe and nurturing environment and by instilling a love for learning.