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Ioana Botez
Ioana Botez

Counsellor, Club Coordinator, Designated Safeguarding Lead & PSHE Curriculum Leader


My name is Ioana Botez and I am very passionate about working with children, parents, teachers and people in general. Being a school counsellor is a challenging way in which I can put my skills and knowledge to good use as a systemic psychotherapist, clinician psychologist, English teacher and mediator.

Whether focused on educational or purely spontaneous and playful objectives, every interaction I have with children is a great way for myself, as an adult, to remember how to smile more often, how to play eagerly, share in an unhindered way, express myself in a genuine manner and, most of all, how to maintain curiosity for everything that surrounds me.

In my everyday activity with children I let myself be guided by my playful spirit, patience, positive attitude and the certainty that each child is unique in their multitude of thoughts, emotions, needs, desires and behaviours.

My professional background consists of systemic family psychotherapy, conflict mediation and clinical psychology (trauma therapy and victim psychology). I have a degree in Psychology from The University of Bucharest, a master’s degree in Judicial and Victim Psychology, professional training in Couples and Family Systemic Psychotherapy and Mind Lab training. I have a Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA), both of them issued by the University of Cambridge. I am accredited to work as a Systemic Couples and Family Systemic Psychotherapist and Clinician Psychologist by The Romanian Psychologists College and undergo periodic external professional supervision sessions to improve the quality of my work as a psychotherapist.

I have 12 years of experience in working with children (special needs included), following the British Curriculum, designing educational training materials for disadvantaged groups and mediating communication with foreign childcare professionals working in Romania.

I enjoy reading very much, as well as singing and using my creative energies in any way I can. Travelling to new and old places is a way of relaxing and learning for me, and I am pleased to have been exposed to both European, South American and Asian cultures so far.

I am really eager to continue this amazing journey with my colleagues, children and parents in my eighth year at Avenor College in the roles of counsellor, designated safeguarding lead, PSHE curriculum leader and club coordinator for the nursery school location, as I am certain that it is going to be my greatest yet.