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Oana-Silvana Sofian
Oana-Silvana Sofian

Piano Teacher
My name is Silvana Sofian and I am excited to start my second year as a piano teacher at Avenor Nursery.

I remember being at the beginning of my second year into the National Music University of Bucharest, after 13 years of studying music (twelve of them in Dinu Lipatti Music College) when I had the moment that changed my professional life and me as a person, forever. 

It was during a music lesson, when I felt the incredible energy and feedback that the children have. The unconditional and inexhaustible river of inspiration, love and hugs that you experience and realised the incredible honour that we, as teachers have, to shape, these little human characters.

Until then, I never thought that teaching was my destiny but I cannot think of a better job or a better way to spend my days than sharing my knowledge and learning every day from inspirational and beautiful children,by playing and having fun with them while teaching them about the amazing world of music. 

After less than a month, the opportunity of applying for the same job (piano teacher) in an International College in Bucharest appeared and the magic continued there.
After finishing my studies, in Teaching and Choir Director Specialty, I decided it was time for me to expand my Universe and discover the world so I moved to the Basque Country, in the North of Spain. There, I continued working with children as an English Teacher and after 4 years, same thing in Panama. 

But something very, very important was missing in my life…MUSIC!!!

So, when I moved to Costa Rica, after 3 years of living in Panama, I decided to continue as a piano teacher and my heart was complete once more.

Now, after having all of these global experiences, I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity of working here, at Avenor Nursery, where I am sure I will experience amazing moments with my students and the incredible family of Avenor Nursery and Avenor College.