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Simona Stîngă
Simona Stîngă

Year 1 Blue Teacher

My name is Simona Andreea Stîngă and this is my third year at Avenor. I believe that being part of this team represents an absolutely thrilling chapter in my ‘Life Adventure Book’.

My story goes like this: I graduated Faculty of Communication and Public Relations and used to think I was going to be a successful Event Organiser or a Creative Copywriter in an Advertising Agency. None of these happened, because I realised how passionate I was when it came to working with children. I started teaching English as a part-time job and that was when I had a revelation. I dedicated myself to preparing fun lessons that could keep the students captivated. I was always looking forward to seeing good results and felt very motivated every day.

When I graduated, I knew exactly what I wanted: to develop and improve my teaching techniques. This being said, I decided to study Educational Psychology at a Master Programme which I completed last year.

Children improve my state of mind.  Their world is a place where you do not have real reasons for being upset. Peter Pan used to say “Just think of happy thoughts and you’ll fly”. I totally agree with this statement. Children have so many things on their mind: superheroes, unicorns, glitter, chocolate, fairies, magic wands, cartoons, and so on. If you let them share all of these thoughts with you, then you’ll definitely fly. 

To sum up, I am a positive person and I am ready to collect and contribute to as many happy moments as possible.

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” – Sydney J. Harris