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Veronica Burtea - Koter
Veronica Burtea - Koter

Year 1 Green Teacher
Compliance Coordinator
Deputy Designated Safeguarding

My name is Veronica Burtea Koter, one of Year 1 Green’s teachers this year. I can happily say today as I am approaching 38 years old that after so many years of teaching in and out of Avenor’s umbrella, my childhood dream of becoming a teacher has not only come true but has also grown and developed into being the person who makes a difference in every learner’s journey, teacher or child, offering loads of satisfaction with each year that passes by.

In terms of professional experience, I graduated from The Pedagogical High School, as both a preschool and primary teacher, continued my professional training by graduating from the Preschool College and Faculty of Psychology, perfected my teaching, management and personal skills throughout the years through certified workshops and trainings, like Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar, NLP Practitioner, Life Coaching and Mentoring, Penta Level 1 BSO Inspector, 1st degree in teaching certificate, FCE. Recently, I was admitted to the Masters in Educational Management from the University of Bucharest, which will support my professional compliance skills further.

As Compliance Coordinator for the Avenor Nursery and BSO Project Manager for Avenor College, I am in charge of ensuring that all legal aspects, safety and security, safeguarding and educational standards of the Romanian Ministry of Education and British Schools Overseas are followed in accordance with regulations and policies of accreditation.

As a teacher and adult, I learned the most, from the children who I have been working with throughout the years. I have discovered that, both as a teacher and a parent, stepping backwards sometimes, in a secondary line of action, empowers children more to initiate an action on their own, or a game, to learn and develop their uniquely natural best, at their own genuine pace. From this secondary line, I can focus more on observing their needs, triggers and inner tendencies towards the environment they already feel comfortable with, playing, and I can support each and every one of them to grow and develop.

I am myself a mother of two children. I am happy to say that, over the years, I have developed an open, close and fair relationship with my children; most of all, wonderful and unique. This is the kind of relationship I want to create with your children too.

For eight years now, the Avenor community has shown me that my energetic, strategic and creative spirit is highly appreciated and my “Only as high as I reach, can I grow” approach show my students that every one’s effort is noticed and validated.