I am privileged to be the Head of High School at Avenor College and I’m excited to be able to shape the future of our students for the coming years. My role is to ensure that the great education provided by Avenor continues to create the leaders of tomorrow.

Pupils here are driven and they understand the benefit of education and I will help shape your children to smash their potential, to exceed their expectations and to become true global citizens.

Education is much more than exams and I truly believe in a holistic approach where your child finds identity and purpose through nature, sport, and philosophy and the humanitarian qualities of empathy, peace, and compassion.

We are a Cambridge School and are eagerly expecting our first results at IGCSE this summer. I expect pupils will be rewarded for their hard work over the years here. Our brand new Sixth Form will open in September where pupils will study two year Cambridge A-level courses that will get them into any university around the world as Cambridge A-levels are universally recognised and accepted.

We will bring more “blue sky” to your child’s education as we take learning out of the classroom. How can they change things if they have never experienced or seen things? Tomorrow’s influencers need to be influenced today and learning will not always flourish between the four walls of a classroom.

We treat pupils as individuals who will become aware of their own personal strengths and areas for development. No child will be left behind as they learn to take responsibility for their own learning. They will be able to understand that making mistakes demonstrates effort and they will learn that while knowledge is power, the ability to question and challenge are the skills of influence.

Kind regards,

Andrew Kearns

Head of High School