Liana Ilincescu

Culture and Community Lead
Form Tutor 2 Omega

I fell in love with this profession from a very young age, being raised in a family of teachers, so I tried to follow their path and graduated from Colegiul Pedagogic, having a double specialization – primary and nursery teacher. In addition, the passion for writing and history has led me to attend the courses of the Faculty of History and Philosophy in Cluj Napoca and those of the Faculty of Journalism in Bucharest.

The primordial principle guiding my didactic activity is very simple – students in a class are like the flowers in the field. In one corner appears the enthusiast, who approves of you, in another the indifferent, there is the sceptic, somewhere else the ironic. The satisfaction of a teacher is complete when he or she succeeds in appreciating every student in his own way and outlining the personality of each student according to his or her individual qualities while composing the most beautiful flower bouquet.

On my life journey, my path intersected with Avenor College and I discovered that I was not the only one who believes in applying this principle to educate future generations. It has since been a few years of interesting events and especially of professional and personal accomplishments, because I have discovered here a real family.

In the years spent at Avenor College, my students and I grew up together, and together with them and their parents, we managed not to panic when facing challenges and found the right solutions for those situations. We have discovered the meaning of reading an extra book or doing homework in a weekend and at the same time developed the pleasure of playing and the power to change what seemed to be unwavering.

At the beginning of every school year I set out in a journey that I imagine full of challenges and satisfactions.