Avenor College Scholarship Programme

The Scholarship Programme for the 2024-2025 school year is closed. Thank you to all applicants!

The Avenor College Scholarship Programme offers High School students scholarships that cover between 25% and 100% of the annual tuition fee. The scholarships are awarded until the end of the current educational cycle, subject to compliance with the terms of the scholarship contract.

Please find below information about the awarding of scholarships, criteria, registration and the programme schedule for the 2024-2025 school year for students currently outside the Avenor community.

Avenor scholars projects

Sandra and Sofia

Sandra, an Avenor scholar, obtained the license in 2022 that allowed her to organize the first edition of TEDxYouth@Avenor College. Together with Sofia, as co-organizer, they orchestrated the second e…

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Maria and Clara

Avenor Christmas Charity Fair is a charity project, organised entirely by students from Avenor High School. Maria, Avenor scholar, and Clara, her colleague, coordinate this traditional project in Aven…

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Iarina and Teodora

Iarina and Teo wanted to raise awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic among their younger schoolmates. Organising attractive and interesting activities for children, the two scholarship students launch…

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Alexandra P.

Alexandra loves creative writing so she decided to share her passion with her colleagues. That’s how “From left to write” was born, a creative writing club that she organises for the middle scho…

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Tudor M.

Enthusiastic about mathematics, Tudor took on the role of Project Manager for MATH-LY-NEWS, the school’s mathematics magazine. This project enables him to merge multiple interests including computer…

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Definition of the Avenor scholar

The Avenor scholar demonstrates exceptional academic and co-curricular performance, is a model of behaviour, has a proactive attitude towards learning, fully participates in school events, is a good colleague and friend. For a wider context, we invite you to read the profile of the Avenor Learner Profile.  

The Avenor Scholarship Programme for 2024-2025 school year is dedicated to:

Students in Grade 8 (Year 9) and Grade 10 (Year 11) outside the Avenor community*. You can find details about the scholarship criteria for high school by accessing this link

Elevilor de gimnaziu (din actualele clase a 6-a și a 7-a) înscrişi la Avenor College.

Puteți afla detalii despre criteriile de acordare a burselor pentru gimnaziu accesând acest link.

*Students from the Avenor community benefit from a separate application process. The calendar for this process will be available in March 2024.


Applications for students outside the Avenor community are open starting with 26th of February 2024.


In order to apply for a scholarship, please follow the these steps:


Write your application essay in English*


Complete the online application form and upload the requested documents 

*The candidate will select one essay title from this list and will write a 700 word essay on the chosen topic.  Please check the essay writing assessment criteria for High School.

Next steps

The scholarship committee members,  Diana Segărceanu, Executive Director, Dana Papadima, Educational Director, Cristina Willows, Deputy Executive Director, Daniela Vasile, Director of Learning, Richard Thomason, Head of Secondary and Georgiana Socoliu, Deputy Head of Secondary, will evaluate the applications and will select the candidates who will continue the process. These will:

  • Be invited together with their parents for an interview with a member of the admissions team and will sit exams on different subjects. Check the examination subjects for all levels here
  • Will participate in an interview with the scholarship committee members. The opening part of the interview will be a short presentation of the chosen essay topic followed by a discussion of the Avenor Learner profile and more information about the student, their aspirations and plans as well as why they believe Avenor is the place for them. 

Scholarships will be granted as applicants demonstrate their merit and eligibility, ensuring fairness and opportunity for all. The timeline for awarding scholarships will be contingent upon the finalisation of the budget allocated for this purpose. 

Parents of future scholarship students will receive the scholarship contract in which the conditions for granting the scholarship are stipulated. If the scholarship offer is accepted, the contract will be signed and the students will be enrolled at Avenor College. 

Contact person for the Scholarship Programme at Avenor College Luminița Susanu, Student Programmes Manager and Examinations Officer.

Short history

The Avenor Foundation has been offering scholarships to Avenor College students since 2010. So far, there were awarded 130 scholarships in quantum of 739.800 euro.