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What to expect

Our 8,000 square metre campus at the edge of Băneasa Forest is carefully designed to the smallest detail so as to offer students of all key stages – Nursery, School and High school – the best, most modern and safest learning space and at the same time to allow social activities for the whole community.

We look forward to seeing you at school to see the school in action and the opportunities we create for our students on campus.

The second location of Avenor College is in the city centre, close to Arcul de Triumf, in a historic building, a spacious villa dedicated to our Nursery.

We invite you to book a tour!

Explore the Avenor Campus

Our physical resource environment is sustainable and fosters the holistic development of our students, as well as the creativity of our teachers, providing diverse contexts for growth. From educational resources, state-of-the-art classrooms, outdoor spaces, to the nearby forest, and our commitment to material sustainability, we ensure that each student reaches their full potential.

Safety and Security on Campus

Avenor College is committed to maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for all students and everyone in our community. The campus has a completely enclosed perimeter and students and staff access  to the campus is possible only based on the access card containing an individual QR code.

Parents and visitors with a pre-arranged meeting are allocated access badges with coloured lanyards which allows students to recognise easily the persons that are not staff members.

For a better understanding of the safe access system created by Avenor College, please watch this video.

Avenor College also cares for the health and wellness of our students. Our qualified school nurses are on campus everyday, during the school programme.

Their role is to do daily triage and to support our students with any medical conditions and to provide care in case of illness or accidents.

A Campus Especially Designed for Learning

The Avenor Campus in Greenfield has grown organically, alongside the number of our students, and its development has always been guided by the needs of each age group. We aimed to have a modern campus that provides the best learning and socialising conditions, which is why we always worked with the best specialists in the field.

We invite you to read the testimonials of the most important collaborators who have been with us in the design and equipping of the Green building, built from the ground up and inaugurated in September 2022.

Anda Manu – Lead Architect and Founder of AMA DESIGN

”We were pleased to collaborate on this project. It provided valuable insights into the development of an educational space and the art of crafting an exceptional experience while upholding the oper…

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Alecsandru Vasiliu, Architect – Latitudine 53 by Manasc Isaac

”The new building on the Avenor campus opens up to Drumul Pădurea Neagră and serves as the interface between Avenor and the Greenfield neighborhood. This recent addition links to the existing camp…

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Raluca Milin – Managing Partner Sensio

”Our involvement in the innovative and dynamic project of the new Secondary School building at Avenor campus is both an honour and an opportunity to present products tailored to a modern, flexible l…

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Services for Our Community

We remain constantly attentive to the needs of our community, seeking to provide solutions that enhance the well-being of each individual.

School Transportation Services

Avenor College provides transportation with school-owned minibuses (Renault Traffic) or with minibuses and buses rented for this purpose. 

We offer transportation from the following areas: Pipera, Corbeanca, Șoseaua Nordului, Bucharest (in this case, with fixed pick-up points: Piața Presei Libere and Piața Charles de Gaulle) and a special route from KFC Băneasa during traffic restrictions through the forest.

Breakfast in our cafeterias – for students and parents

Our students have the option to enjoy breakfast at school for a fee. Parents can join their children, spending quality time together in the morning. Additionally, parents are welcome to stay and work remotely on campus, as the Cafeteria remains open to them until 11:00 a.m.

Where do you find us?

Avenor Campus in Greenfield

Drumul Pădurea Pustnicu Street, No. 125 A,

Bucharest, 014042

Avenor Nursery - Cașin Location

Alexandru Constantinescu Street, No. 65,

Bucharest, 011472