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Middle School

The middle school offers Avenor students the opportunity to choose their line of study. Starting with the 6th grade, a personalised school orientation programme is outlined. Students have the opportunity to choose to study Mathematics, English and Science in the British system and take the specific assessments or to study Mathematics and the Romanian language in the national system and take the National Evaluation exams.

Middle School
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In middle school classes, the requirements of the Romanian National Curriculum – standards, reference objectives and competences -, as well as learning contents and evaluation forms are followed. Equally, teachers are prepared to use teaching methods and teaching principles specific to international education to tailor the resources, contents and methods of teaching / assessment to the individual learning needs of students according to Cambridge’s curriculum and educational resources.

Approaching learning from the Cambridge perspective helps students to communicate efficiently and convincingly, develop critical and creative thinking skills, as well as the capacity to apply information from various communication sources/environments to concrete, authentic situations.

Learning experience


PBL is the acronym for Project-Based Learning, a teaching and learning program that involves teamwork and connections between the disciplines studied. In the Middle School, students have 1-2 hours of PBL per week in Romanian and / or English in which they work on group projects related to school top…

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Throughout middle school years, students go on trips in Romania and begin to explore travelling outside of the country. It is a good opportunity to discover other cultures, to learn new habits and to become more flexible and tolerant towards the differences between people and cultures. Trips destina…

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Form time

Each day, each form tutor dedicates 20 minutes to teaching students how to learn based on an action plan established in the meetings of each department. This plan is based on the needs of children and aims to train and develop study skills and a reflective attitude towards learning.


Avenor College clubs are designed to support and develop the individual interests and aspirations of each student and to meet the students’ personal development needs.

For Grades 5 to 8, clubs are provided for an intensive and thorough study that will help students nurture talents, skills, and passions at a level that will help them in choosing their profession and in personal development, providing the basis for a complete and specialised solid culture.

Knowledge clubs

These activities teach students how to organise and present an activity, how to develop skills of cooperation and coordination in various situations. Knowledge clubs offer ways to socialize, self-iden…
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Physical Development Club

What about improving your child’s fine and gross motor skills, to keep healthy by exercising or to just blow off some steam after a day full of learning? All children need to move, run and consolida…
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Art clubs

Art clubs stimulate role play and develop the musical and artistic side. Activities such as: theater, music clubs, drama, arts, etc. contribute to the completion of general education by providing a ha…
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Personal Development

We want our students to be happy children and to become well-balanced future adults, able to develop beautiful relationships with those around them, to empathise and be receptive to the environment in which they live. In addition to curricular activities, these children need to invent, take risks, make mistakes, play together and enjoy life. They need personal development. They need personal development.

Avenor College’s vision is inspired by Howard Gardner’s theory of “multiple intelligences”, according to which the school must develop and motivate students’ individual values ​​through academic, sports and artistic programmes supported by personal, emotional, and social factors.

PSHE classes

Every week, Avenor College students have a personal development class in which, through discussions and thematic projects, they learn to understand each other and to understand those around them.


These meetings attended by children from different grades, grouped by age, point out the key aspects of school life, through experiential learning activities. These meetings are organised on different topics and they are an excellent peer-to-peer learning opportunity. Also, in Assembly, special dist…

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Avenor College Assessment System.

This system is one that encourages personal development. Regardless of the activities in which they participate (curricular or co-curricular), children are always evaluated taking into account both the “Attainment” (results) and the effort and progress for each subject.

“House points” system

Children from the entire school are divided into four houses and accumulate points for joint activities and projects, school events or volunteer activities. Belonging to houses helps them to develop relationships with older or younger students and to join forces in common goals.

Student council

It is the way in which students can express their point of view (through representatives elected by vote in each class) on how they think school activities should be conducted, but also an opportunity to develop their leadership skills.