Admissions for 2023 - 2024 school year are open

Octavia Paul

Leader of Modern Foreign Languages
French Teacher
6 Alfa Form Tutor

I am a young teacher of French, raised in Sibiu, in a family of people committed to the profession of teaching. I studied at the Pedagogy High School in Sibiu, and then graduated from Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Faculty of Arts and Letters, Department of Applied Modern Languages, French – English.

I always liked working with children because they are genuine and open, with lots of energy and optimism. I think they are the most honest conversation partners, who deserve all attention and dedication because they have the chance to choose their path in life.

I am a creative person, empathetic and caring about those around me; I have a passion for knowledge and self-awareness and I like using all the tools I have, conventional or unconventional, to create something worthy of appreciation.

Working in a private school broadens the horizons, allows the imagination to be free, and so we can pass on to students our passion and dedication.

The Department of Foreign Languages has made great progress in recent years; the work of students and their results are living proof. Languages have become part of our everyday life and we are guiding our children to use each of their knowledge to make progress and discover more around them. We combine elements from the Cambridge, CGC and Romanian systems to create a system tailored to Avenor needs, create links with other schools in the country and from abroad, and collaborate with cultural institutes.

I think every student in the Avenor community has a chance for a better future and I am grateful to continue to be part of their life.