The community of parents has an important role in shaping children – together we can prepare them for the future.
Our school encourages direct communication between each parent and any member of our school: teachers, form tutor, management team.

All individual information about children’s learning – schedule, assessment reports, attendance, events, internal procedures – can be accessed by parents in the Engage Portal, our digital platform.

2020 was the year when we were reminded how crucial a strong community is. We needed it for observing the sanitary rules, for lending a hand to the less fortunate or for supporting the local businesses.

Avenor Parents Business Community comes with a dual mission

First, it is a platform for the mutual support of the businesses owned by the Avenor parents, or the companies they work for. Second, it aims to be an educational bridge, focused on the practcal learning, between our children and the world that awaits them beyond school. Any business need you might have, personal or for your company, whether you look for or provide goods or services, we recommend you to look first for the right partner within the Avenor Parents Business Community.

We invite you on this platform, where you can share with other parents information about the business in which you are involved.

Parents' committee

Comitetul de părinți a fost înființat la școală din toamna anului 2011 și este format din reprezentanții părinților fiecărei clase. În anul 2020, am creat un comitet de părinți și la Grădinița Avenor.

Comitetul funcționează în baza dispozițiilor Statutului care reglementează modul de desfășurare și lucru al ședințelor, atribuții și responsabilități.

Principalul rol al Comitetului de Părinți este susținerea și promovarea intereselor comune ale copiilor și părinților din comunitatea Avenor College, în relațiile cu profesorii și conducerea școlii, cu instituțiile de învățământ ale statului și societatea civilă.

The school from home

„The school from home” is a parenting programme organised by our school counselors for the entire parent community. Among the topics of this programme were the dynamics of the parent-child relationship, the connection between family and school in understanding the phenomenon of bullying, self-knowledge, child protection, setting boundaries, values, giving, expectations of parents and children – a series of workshops given by our school counselors, together with guests specialised in various fields. In the school year 2020-2021, we developed a new concept through which we linked the topics addressed during the workshops to the notions included in the curriculum for PSHE classes according to the Cambridge programme.

Who are Avenor's parents?

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How to prepare
for the beginning of the school year:


Uniforms can be picked-up from school, according to your previous order. Please talk to your child about the school uniform, the importance of being dressed appropriately for different contexts (formal, informal, sportswear), as they do outside the school.


Please buy in advance the proper shoes for your child. Students need daily footwear and sports footwear. Flashy shoes are fit for weekends and holydays but are not accepted at school.

School bag

The school bag will be purchased by parents. Please make sure the bag has a tag with the child’s name on the inside so it can be quickly located by the teachers. The school bag must comply with age specific needs and also fit in the school’s storage spaces (please avoid purchasing oversize school bags).

The sport bag

It is not necessary to buy it. The school will provide sports bags for every student. The model complies with age-specific needs and the school’s storage space requirements.


It is not necessary to buy school supplies (books, notebooks, pencils, markers, etc). They will be provided by the school. The only thing that parents need to buy is a pencil case.

Water bottle*

Parents will give students a water bottle (max 500 ml). t would be preferable for the bottles to have the child’s name written on them or a model the child can easily recognise. Students will fill their water bottles at school. *Not applicable to high school students

Snack box*

Parents will give the child the morning snack and pack it in a snack box. *Not applicable to high school students

Structure of the day at avenor college

Every year, at Avenor College we analyse how children spend their time during school hours to make sure their experience here is as relevant and useful as possible.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, our school is open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Learning from feedback

We constantly seek ways to improve the learning experience at Avenor College.

The feedback received from Avenor College community members is an important part of this improvement process, whether it comes as a response to the annual satisfaction survey or as an informal conversation.

Each of these conversations helps us identify our strengths and weaknesses and build our concrete plans for the future.