The community of parents has an important role in shaping children – together we can prepare them for the future.
Our school encourages direct communication between each parent and any member of our school: teachers, form tutor, management team.

All individual information about children’s learning – schedule, assessment reports, attendance, events, internal procedures – can be accessed by parents in the Engage Portal, our digital platform. OPEN APPLY, on the other hand, facilitates official communication regarding school enrollment and re-enrollment, and it’s also the platform where all necessary administrative documents are uploaded throughout the academic year.

2020 was the year when we were reminded how crucial a strong community is. We needed it for observing the sanitary rules, for lending a hand to the less fortunate or for supporting the local businesses.

Avenor Parents Business Community comes with a dual mission

First, it is a platform for the mutual support of the businesses owned by the Avenor parents, or the companies they work for. Second, it aims to be an educational bridge, focused on the practcal learning, between our children and the world that awaits them beyond school. Any business need you might have, personal or for your company, whether you look for or provide goods or services, we recommend you to look first for the right partner within the Avenor Parents Business Community.

We invite you on this platform, where you can share with other parents information about the business in which you are involved.

Parents' committee

The parents’ committee has been established at the school since the fall of 2011 and consists of representatives of the parents of each class. In 2020, we created a parents’ committee at Avenor Nursery as well.

The Committee operates based on the provisions of the Statute that regulate the conduct and work of the meetings, duties and responsibilities.

The main role of the Parents’ Committee is to support and promote the common interests of the students and parents of the Avenor College community, in the relations with the teachers and the management of the school, with the educational institutions of the state and the civil society.

The school from home

„The school from home” is a parenting programme organised by our school counselors for the entire parent community. Among the topics of this programme were the dynamics of the parent-child relationship, the connection between family and school in understanding the phenomenon of bullying, self-knowledge, child protection, setting boundaries, values, giving, expectations of parents and children – a series of workshops given by our school counselors, together with guests specialised in various fields. In the school year 2020-2021, we developed a new concept through which we linked the topics addressed during the workshops to the notions included in the curriculum for PSHE classes according to the Cambridge programme.

Who are Avenor's parents?

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How to prepare
for the beginning of the school year:


The uniform can be ordered online following the ordering & invoicing procedure for uniforms.
Please talk to your child about the school uniform, the importance of being dressed appropriately f…

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Children need black shoes for the formal uniform, white-soled sports shoes for indoor activities, and everyday footwear. Brightly coloured shoes are suitable for weekends and holidays, but they are not allowed at school.

Avenor School Bag

The school bag is provided by the school. The Avenor school bag complies with age specific needs, as well as the dimensions of the storage spaces within the school. The school bag will be personalised with the child’s name for quick identification.


All school supplies – books, notebooks, pencils, markers, etc. – are provided by the school. The PENCIL CASE is a personal item that is NOT included in the list of supplies provided by the school.

Water Bottle

Daily, students need to bring a water bottle to school (max. 500 ml). We recommend that the bottle be labelled with the child’s name or have an easily recognizable design. The bottle can be filled with water at school.

Snack box*

Please use a snack box for your child’s morning snack. We recommend you to choose one that can be used for a longer period of time.
*Not applicable for high school students.

Structure of the day at avenor college

Every year, at Avenor College we analyse how children spend their time during school hours to make sure their experience here is as relevant and useful as possible.

Learning from feedback

We constantly seek ways to improve the learning experience at Avenor College.

The feedback received from Avenor College community members is an important part of this improvement process, whether it comes as a response to the annual satisfaction survey or as an informal conversation.

Each of these conversations helps us identify our strengths and weaknesses and build our concrete plans for the future.