Co-creating the best future

At Avenor, we are all learners and educators. We are builders of future capacity, enabling our students to find their own strengths, create their own journeys, and frame their own future. Working together, we co-create the best possible future for each student, for each community member, and for all of us together, within and beyond our school. 

For us, personal fulfillment is when Avenorians  have authentic Relationships, when they feel confident to take and create Opportunities and so they can build up a life of Adventures in harmony and with a deep respect for Nature. We believe that human Excellence is rooted in the discovery of a personal Vocation.

Our VALUES are embedded in our name: Adventure, Vocation, Excellence, Nature, Opportunity, Relationships.


Learning is a journey that must excite, inspire and instil a sense of awe and wonder. It must have a sense of endeavour and daring, risk taking and trying things that are new. It means travelling down paths less well trod and clearing new paths that others may choose to follow.


Learning is a journey for employment in a career or occupation you are passionate about. It is about purpose, a calling, giving something back and a willingness to do something that has immense benefit to the local and wider community.


Learning is a journey that enables all to excel. It is about celebrating the diversity of talents, attributes and qualities, ensuring that all become the best possible version of themselves.


Learning is a journey in tune with nature. It underpins our very existence and helps ensure our world is sustained for future generations.


Learning is a journey filled with endless possibilities. It provides a degree of choice, enabling advancement and progress for all.


Learning is a social activity. Whilst respecting the need to be individual, we are a species requiring the development of authentic trusting relationships. We need attachment, a feeling of belonging, that we are valued and contribute to a strong sense of community.

Who we are

Avenor College is a non-profit, British International school with a strong and unique bilingual programme rooted in Romanian culture. We co-create for our students, aged 2 to 19, transformative learning journeys providing them with the characteristics of  Avenor Learner Profile

Our Journey So Far

In 2007, the school opened with five students in first grade. Sixteen years later, Avenor College has over 700 students aged from two to eighteen and over 180 staff members. The school is situated in two locations in Northern Bucharest: an elegant historical villa housing our preschool and a beautiful, custom-built campus bordered by Baneasa forest.

We are accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education and authorized by Cambridge International Examinations to offer Checkpoint, IGCSE and A level examinations. The school is also a member of the Common Ground Collaborative, an innovative global network of leading international schools. Avenor College was founded by the Avenor Foundation, a non-profit organization created by Diana Segarceanu and Florin Segarceanu.

The story of the name Avenor

The name Avenor comes from the word future (fr. Avenir) and from the word road (engl and fr. Avenue). 

Avenor means being decisive whilst following your path, even if that entails both hard work and tenaciously overcoming barriers. It also refers to those who build the future. 

This is what happens at Avenor College – we create the future. The statement is not a figure of speech, but says directly and factually what we do, together, in our community, and each of us separately.