Nursery School / High School


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Oana Fotino
Office and Admissions Manager
0720 288 211

School / High School

Raluca Tarcea
Admissions and Communication Manager
0737 043 480

Avenor Foudation

Senior Leadership Team

Diana Segărceanu

Executive Director

David Taylor

Strategic Consultant

Daniela Vasile

Director of learning

Dana Papadima

Educational Director

Valentina Mitoiu

Finance and Operations Manager

Raluca Tarcea

Communications and Admissions Manager

Learning Leadership Team

Daniela Vasile

Director of learning

Andrew Sutton

Andrew Sutton

Georgiana Socoliu

Middle School Coordinator

Manuela Nae

Compliance Director

Claudia Andrei

PSHE Coordinator

Ramona Mucenic

Upper Primary Coordinator

Veronica Burtea-Koter

Health & Safety Officer

Mirela Voicu

Lower Primary Coordinator

Tania Răduță

Nursery Educational Coordinator

Cristina Farcaș

Nursery Deputy Educational Coordinator

Ioana Botez


Sorina Zavalan

Curriculum Manager

HR / Financial

Valentina Mitoiu

Finance and Operations Manager



Str. Alexandru Constantinescu, nr. 65,
sector 1 (lângă Mănăstirea Cașin)

School / High School

Street Drumul Pădurea Pustnicu 125A,
sector 1 (Greenfield Residence, Baneasa)

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