Tania Răduță

Educational Coordinator

My name is Tania Răduţă and I am committed to making teaching and learning the main purpose in my life.

I have been working at Avenor since 2007 as a teacher and, since 2011, as an age-range coordinator. Starting with the 2016-2017 school year, I took on the responsibility of Educational Coordinator for the entire nursery, with the focus on developing a creative learning community across the whole nursery school: Nursery, Reception and Year 1.

This is my 12th year in Avenor and I am enthused to carry on my mission, together with my experienced team of teachers as their leader.

Additionally, I will continue to do what I like best: to be a teacher. I feel tremendously fortunate as I continue to have the great opportunity to teach various activities in all age-groups, alongside the main class teachers.

Education is my passion and I ensure that I am a continuous learner myself. I graduated in Psychology and Educational Sciences from the University of Bucharest, specialising in Primary School and Nursery School Pedagogy in 2011 and achieved my degree (Definitivat) in 2013.

After joining Avenor, I regularly attended different formation courses, studying practical aspects of the English Early Years curriculum, focusing on the development and personal characteristics of 2 to 6 year old children, such as EYFS Teaching Diploma, Mind Lab, and ‘Leading Learning from the Middle’.

I have attended different local and international Early Years Conferences and have taken part in various workshops and masterclasses, such as ‘The positive relationships that support self-regulation in nursery’, ‘Going on a Language Hunt’, ‘Specific Area of Learning, Literacy – laying the foundations’, ‘Meaningful Maths – learning through physical play’, ‘Jolly Grammar’, ‘The characteristics of effective learning: thinking critically’, ‘Reggio-inspired practice: creative journeys with young children’, and ‘Bringing the Montessori Approach in own Setting’.

I have come to realise how important it is to focus on the welfare of a child, starting first of all with the personal and emotional aspects, and continuing with the academic aspects.

Working with children has made me realise that it is very important to gain their trust by listening to them, learning together and always, always keeping promises. At the same time, I strongly believe that in order to support children’s progress, it is mandatory to enable good, transparent cooperation with parents and for this reason I always perceive parents as partners in education. Only together (parents, teachers and children) can we co-create our best future.

I know for a fact that the children’s world is my world too, a world full of stories and music combined with motivation, curiosity and hard work; a world you can discover, too, through Avenor Nursery.

Therefore, throughout the school year, together with the whole Avenor team of teachers we will continue to collaborate when planning, always starting from the children’s needs and interests in order to build their levels of self-confidence and independence, engage them in the learning process, and allow them to learn from mistakes.

I am looking forward to spreading my passion for teaching and learning during this school year and to ‘feeling the vibe’ of the 2019 – 2020 journey also!