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Cristina Calacan

Mathematics Teacher
7 Omega Form Tutor

Since childhood I enjoyed participating in school competitions where I won many prizes. However, my passion for mathematics was defined during high school. I graduated from the “Ecaterina Teodoroiu” National College in Târgu Jiu. I then continued my studies at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics – Computer Science.

I managed to improve my academic performance also attending the Master of Applied Mathematics in Insurance, Finance, Statistics and Biostatistics. In addition to the above, the internship done at the National College I.L. Caragiale also helped me to graduate the psychopedagogical module level II within the Department of Professional Training of Teachers.

In 2014, I obtained my teaching accreditation (definitivat), later becoming a full professor of mathematics.

I’m excited to be part of the Avenor community. Each teaching hour brings new challenges, new questions. I try to adapt to the needs of each student, so I like to spend time looking for new ways to make them want to learn.

To help my students exceed their limits, I prepare materials as elaborate as possible but also easy to understand. In addition, individual preparation hours, study hours, thousands of exercises worked during the year led to excellent results in school competitions.

I can say that every year I spent in this school I learned a lot, both from my students and from my colleagues. I enjoyed experimenting with different roles and working with children of different ages. I painted with my fingers, listened to stories about students’ work, climbed trees, jumped rope, played volleyball and more, activities I never thought I would have the opportunity to do with my students.