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Oana Asaftei

Romanian Language Teacher
8 Alfa Form Tutor

I chose to work with souls. I chose to be a teacher, always motivated by the desire to share the knowledge gained to the new generations, to offer the student the freedom of expression, creation, but also the aspiration to build a quality education.

The efficiency of the teacher’s activity is determined by his personality, the quantity and quality of the information transmitted. I set out to be a role model for students, to be a man who spreads love, kindness, gentleness, respect, admiration and sincerity around him.

Out of the desire to be a teacher of Romanian Language and Literature, I completed the courses of the Faculty of Letters, Romanian-English specialization, at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi in 2015. After completing my studies in Iasi, I came to Bucharest where I decided, in 2015, to follow the courses of the master’s degree in Didactics of Philological Disciplines together with exceptional teachers, in order to acquire the main qualification of a teacher in pedagogical art. I completed this master’s program with a paper entitled “Reader – response theory”, in 2017. In 2018, I obtained the Certificate of Finalization in education.

Following the teaching activity, I understood that today’s students have other needs and other interests, which a good teacher must develop through a different way of teaching and a new vision because it is not only important what you learn, but it is really important how you learn.

Through the prism of the discipline I teach, I aim to cultivate the artistic sensitivity of students, to imprint their desire to capitalize on literary art, to contribute to the development of their creativity, as well as the discovery of their own skills.

For me, a new year full of challenges, emotions and accomplishments is coming, another year in the educational team at Avenor College. I wish you a nice school year, together with the students and teachers from Avenor.