Mihaela Stancu

Romanian Language & Literature Teacher
Romanian Curriculum Leader

I love being a teacher, I am always proud of my students and I feel lucky to be part of their story. The moments I cherish most are those when I realise that not only I teach my students what I know, but I also have a lot of things to learn from them too. This brings me the enthusiasm to keep the story going. Without question, the lessons never end, as we are all life-long learners.

I graduated from the University of Bucharest (Faculty of Letters) with a Bachelor Degree in Romanian Language & Literature and English Language & Literature (2006), a Master Degree in the Theory of Literature and Culture & Comparative Literature (2007) and a PhD in Linguistics (2015).

From 2006 I have been the Romanian Language and Literature teacher for Romanian students who had chosen an International curriculum here, in Romania, and for Romanian students studying abroad in International schools.

I think that the school should be the second place we call “home”, a place where students are encouraged to reflect on their process of learning, searching for the best strategies to improve their learning and to understand that the world is a whole and in order to understand it better, we should question more, we should try to see issues from different viewpoints and we should try to make connections across all the subjects.

I look forward to a new exciting year with inspiring lessons.