Andrei Bălașa

Teacher of Music

I really enjoy teaching and having the opportunity to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years. I aim to motivate students to develop and cultivate their passion for music, helping them understand the fundamental elements of music such as melody, rhythm, harmony, and interpretation. The study of music can help you develop creativity and improve your emotional well-being.

Starting at the age of 6, I studied piano, and later, at the age of 10, I began playing the violin as well. However, the moment that deeply marked me was when I was 11 years old and discovered the guitar. In a short time, I formed my first band and realized that this would be my calling for life. Since then, I have known that music will be an integral part of my existence, and I will continue to play and make music with passion and dedication.

I was born and raised in Bucharest, and my passion for music led me to the George Enescu National College of Music. There  I specialized in classical guitar, dedicating my time and efforts to learning and perfecting the art of guitar performance. My experience at this college helped me develop my musical skills and knowledge, understanding the complexity and beauty of classical music.

I graduated from the National University of Music Bucharest. Here, I had the opportunity to explore and experiment in the field of music composition. I obtained both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Music Composition, learning the art of composing and conveying messages through sound.

Additionally, during my university studies, I wanted to understand and train in the field of music pedagogy. Therefore, I chose to pursue the Psycho Pedagogical Module, which provided me with the necessary tools to effectively approach the learning process of my students. I learned pedagogical methods and techniques, explored the psychological and emotional aspects of music education, and acquired skills in communicating and motivating students.

This intense and diverse period of study fully prepared me to become a music teacher. I gained solid theoretical knowledge, learned to perform and compose music, and understood the importance of the teacher-student relationship in the learning process.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to perform in renowned bands such as Iris and Hara, and I have had the honor of sharing the stage with some of the greatest contemporary musicians, including Guthrie Govan, Mattias IA Eklundh, and Marco Mendoza. However, I have always continued to develop my own musical projects, one of which is The Groovy Bastards band.

Since 2015, I have had the privilege of teaching in various schools and working alongside children passionate about music, as well as with those who are less passionate but whom I have managed to engage, showing them how music can be a support in their lives.

In 2020, I started teaching guitar at Avenor, and I had a wonderful experience in achieving many musical goals alongside my students. We managed to build strong connections, and this greatly motivates me in my first year here as a music teacher.

Working with children has taught me that when students feel that their teacher genuinely believes in their potential for success, they feel encouraged and spread their wings. Building a relationship of mutual trust between a student and a teacher creates a pleasant learning environment and contributes to remarkable academic achievements. I am excited to witness their progress and accomplishments and to provide the necessary support and inspiration for them to reach their full potential.

Together, we will build a year full of memorable experiences and personal development.