Georgiana Socoliu

Deputy Head of Secondary
Teacher of History
10 Omega Form Tutor

Every life has a story. From my childhood, I was fascinated by people and their past.
The passion for culture and human civilization determined me to study History and Philosophy at “Dunărea de Jos” University from Galați. A few years later, I obtained a Master’s Degree in “Diplomacy and Political History” at the Faculty of History in Bucharest.

I decided to become a teacher early in my life, starting in the 6th grade, when I was impressed by my form tutor’s classes.

I started my professional career in a Middle School in Galaţi, followed by a national college. After four years, my relocation to Bucharest coincided with the transition from the state system to a private school where I came into contact with an international educational system. By practicing new methods of teaching and assessment, while adapting them to the national system, I have been able to participate with my students in numerous local and national History competitions, with great results.

Compassion for people has made me focus on their needs as well. That is why, through partnerships with foundations and associations, I have been involved in humanitarian campaigns

Interaction with children, their ideas, and concerns made me love this profession and practice it with love.

I joined Avenor College with enthusiasm and I met here people who are open, inspired and concerned about the quality of education, but also about cultivating values.

These were challenging and successful years during which we have been involved in shaping and organising new and large projects. I am proud of the results of our students guided by dedicated and creative teachers. We have enjoyed excellent achievements that place us amongst the prestigious schools and demonstrate that we are a passionate and professional team.

I wish for all of us to enjoy the next school year, to allow ourselves to be fascinated by knowledge, to be inventive and authentic, enthusiastic and daring.