Manuela Nae

Compliance Director
Teacher of Physics

It is very true that you need a lot of creativity to imagine what will be the names of occupations in 2050. Certainly, perhaps with another name, the teacher will be among them.

Regardless of the social organization of mankind over time, there have always been people who have helped their younger peers discover the mysteries of nature or the universe. They will continue to exist and to bring the joy of discovery to children’s faces, the most beautiful gift a teacher can receive.

For all of this, I have chosen to become one of these people, to enjoy the uniqueness of every moment together with the children. And, as everything happens for a reason, I graduated from the Faculty of Physics at Bucharest University because the teachers I had managed to plant in me the thirst for knowledge of the universe. As you understand the splendor, the balance and the uniqueness of the surrounding world, it is hard to break up from such a journey. And as you sink into its unpredictable mysteries, you try to help as many as possible to enjoy with you the beauty of the world in which we live.

I was convinced that I could do more in the classroom. I knew that if I want to change something I have to start with myself. Continuing to study and improve my education, I obtained a Master’s Degree in “Educational Management and Institutional Communication” from the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations of SNSPA (2007), after which I attended the courses for becoming an examiner in the field of the quality of education (2008), a trainer and mentor, being a member of the National Corps of Experts in Educational Management since 2012. To complement my educational experience, I worked as a volunteer and co-founded two non-governmental organizations coordinating two projects in the benefit of children.

But I still felt that there was something more. I needed as many people as possible to share my ideas about education, with whom to speak the same language, pedagogically speaking and with whom to start a pioneering project for the Romanian educational system. As nothing happens by chance, I have discovered a community that involves children in their own development, teaches parents how important it is to spend time with their children and last but not least, teaches children to share: The Avenor Community.

We are walking together on this road, and my roles as a physics professor and compliance director are in a constant dynamic. Every day I learn from my students, from my colleagues, and I can proudly affirm that the future imagined by the “Creators of the Future” is getting closer every day.