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Alin – Constantin Cîrtog

Romanian Language Teacher
6 Omega Form Tutor

Since I was a child I loved books and I discovered the passion to read them from the first letters learned from my primary teacher, a person I admired loved like a mother. Moreover, she represented the first image of the ideal teacher for me. Then I met the Romanian teacher from Romanian Secondary school, another exceptional teacher that got me closer to books and this discipline.

I went to High School at “Alexandru Lahovari” in Ramnicu Valcea, my home town, and my form tutor was also a teacher of Romanian language and literature. He was a real character, from his sense of fashion to the way he was speaking and teaching, being one of a kind, a man with a

troubled destiny like the characters from Liviu Rebreanu’s books. He was an exemplary and dedicated teacher, instilling in me the desire to follow in his footsteps to also become a Romanian teacher.

As a result, I went to the Faculty of Letters and Arts in Sibiu, University “Lucian Blaga”, which I graduated in 2002, embracing a teaching career with enthusiasm and passion, wanting to be at least as good as my former teachers who were my role models in teaching and in life.

Therefore, I took every opportunity to attend courses teaching, psycho-pedagogical and methodical line training and to evolve personally and discovering more about myself and learning from each experience, each school year in order to excel in relationships with my students.

As a teaching experience, I taught in my first year at a college in the city of my birth, and then in other two secondary schools, as a tenured teacher. In 2011 I moved to Bucharest, teaching in an international school, obtaining my Second Degree and then an internationally accredited certification MYP (Introduction to Teaching).

But beyond my passion for reading and for books, the pleasure of working with students, to interact with children, to share with them everything I know, and discover together every day new things and to earn their respect, friendship, admiration and even their love, all these make my profession and career as a teacher to be a way of life and a continuous adventure with new experiences every year, always with different generations.