Livia Forțan

Spanish Language Teacher
9 omega Form Tutor

I graduated from the School of Foreign Languages and Literatures University of Bucharest, specializing in Japanese and Spanish. If Japanese was my childhood passion, Spanish was a spontaneous choice, made on the spot, just as I was applying for the entrance exam. I did not know Spanish – I was going to learn it in University. I realize now the extent to which that moment and that choice shaped my future, both personally and professionally. With a few exceptions, my friends are all people that I have had the chance to meet during my University studies and later on, when I made a career out of the Spanish language.

In time, I became interested in the Iberian linguistic context and thus attended Catalan and Galician language courses in Gironella, Catalonia and Santiago de Compostela. Following that, I went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language in Spain and then returned to Bucharest, where I taught Spanish in various schools. Over the course of my career, I have had the chance to teach from primary to post-secondary level, and I also organized and taught adult courses of Spanish for Specific Purposes. One of my most important professional achievements so far was developing and teaching a Spanish language course for the inmates of a prison in Granada. This course was developed and taught alongside my Master’s class and it proved to be a unique, challenging and very satisfying experience, especially since our students were illiterate in their mother tongue and, despite that, the results were amazing.

I love teaching Spanish and sincerely believe that is a gateway to a fabulous world: literature, history, cinema, art, music, gastronomy and tourism. It is an official language in 21 countries and ranks second as the most spoken language in the world after Chinese (Mandarin dialect).

This year is my fifth year at Avenor. I believe in the values promoted by our school and I am glad to be part of a team that is so open and passionate about education. As far as I’m concerned, I think that teaching a foreign language, just like any other subject, should be focused on the student’s interests, needs and particular learning style.