Mirela Voicu

System and Communication Lead
Form Tutor 4 Alfa

I set out on my journey with the desire to contribute to the formation of harmonious personalities in accordance with the requirements of today’s society. So, together with my students, I have always discovered new things, learned patience, giving free rein to imagination and creativity, experiencing emotion before school competitions and celebrations, I enjoyed with them every school success.

I graduated from the Pedagogical High School in Ploieşti. I then attended the courses of the Faculty of Letters and Sciences, Romanian-English major, at the Petroleum and Gas University in Ploiești. Over time, in parallel with the teaching activity, I have participated in numerous training courses, seminars and national and international workshops. I organised and coordinated several curricular and extra-curricular activities within educational partnerships with other educational institutions.

In 2009, I chose to continue my journey in a private school, thus getting in touch with the international education system. I was responsible for the Parents-Teachers-Association (PTA). We organized and coordinated various educational projects (Talent Show, Easter Bazaar). In order to nurture the creative artistic potential of the students, we organized and coordinated the Education through Art competition. I have been involved in the Evaluation and Quality Assurance Committee in Education and I have been responsible for the school Olympics and competitions. I had the opportunity to participate as a volunteer in several humanitarian campaigns.

On my journey, I arrived at Avenor College. I was delighted with the welcoming atmosphere, the team’s professionalism, and above all the school’s vision.

Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, I joined the Avenor team, a dedicated, open-minded team of professionals dedicated to the quality of education.

My objective is to always be next to my students, to continue to discover together new things about the world, about the people around us, about ourselves, and enjoy childhood games.