Tudor is a scholarship student at Avenor College and a senior in high school. He says that one of the most important things he has learned here is how to manage his time in order to prepare as efficient as possible for exams. The mock exams in January will give him the opportunity to test his knowledge and to further plan his learning for the A Level exams. We invite you to learn more about Tudor’s journey at Avenor College in this interview.

Avenor College: Why is it important to get good grades at mock exams in January, although A Level final exams are scheduled at the end of the school year?

Tudor: Sometimes, when you learn a lot for an exam that is very distant in time, you tend to not realize how much or if you have evolved. That’s why mocks are a very important benchmark for me. First of all, I am preparing very well because I know that a good result will motivate me to continue to learn better. I am confirming that my efforts and the efforts of the school help me get to where I set myself, that is, to have a successful career in the field I have chosen. I want to study at one of the best auto engineering universities in the world, from where I will run my business in the automotive field. I will also experiment with a variety of internships at large companies in this industry.

Avenor College: Do you feel that your journey in the international education system has taught you how to prepare for such difficult exams, now and in the future?

Tudor: Yes, of course. At Avenor I have acquired skills that will be useful throughout my academic life and beyond. This year, whilst preparing for the mocks, I realized that one of the most valuable things I learned at Avenor was how to be a good manager of my time, how to be flexible with myself and my own learning needs. I know how to give myself time when a topic seems complicated to me, I know how to approach such situations and I am willing to ask for help from teachers when I feel the need. Each student has an individual learning schedule for this exam session, and this year we had the opportunity to prepare our learning and consolidation plans with the support of the school. These things made our learning process a lot easier.

Avenor College: What does your learning plan look like?

Tudor: Because I have found that I have a very technical learning style, my learning plan looks very mathematical, but I avoid becoming extremely strict. Because, after last year’s mock exams, I changed my Art exam to a more complicated one, Further Mathematics, now, I have more to learn. Basically, I have to learn two years in one. The international system is quite flexible, which is why it gave me the opportunity to make this important change. However, my learning plan has changed drastically after this decision. Having more to learn, I made a long-term learning plan, but one that allowed me to avoid the burnout effect. With the help of the Student Support Officer, I managed to develop a personalised learning plan, which I can follow easily.

At the end of January, Avenor College high school students are fully involved in the mock examinations for the IGCSE and A Level end-of-year exams. The students in grades 9 to 12 take a total of 73 written mock exams, for which they have prepared with the help of personalised learning and consolidation plans, under the guidance of the teachers and with the support of the Student Support Officer, the person who makes sure that students prepare effectively for exams.