Avenor College launches “Teachers for teachers” – a training and mentoring program for early career teachers who want to turn their job into a real profession. We are looking for both Primary and Secondary teachers who want to become the best version of themselves when it comes to their careers.

With 20 years of experience in education, Avenor College has a team of over 100 teachers trained to international standards to provide student-centred learning experiences. Our team consists of Romanian and foreign teachers with experience in various educational systems, both from Romania and from other countries, and is ready to share the best teaching and learning practices with teachers who are at the beginning of their careers.

Through this program we offer access to continuing professional education for teachers who want to start their careers under the guidance of experienced teachers, in an inspirational educational environment with modern facilities. Its idea started from the observation that the teaching profession no longer seems so attractive to the younger generations, and we asked ourselves why?

Although it is one of the most beautiful professions, it is also one of the most demanding. Why is it so difficult?

According to busyteachers.org, being a teacher involves making around 1,500 decisions daily, this number placing teaching in the top of professions in terms of this indicator.

We all know that in order to make good decisions we need to have deep knowledge and vast experiences to draw upon.

We believe that younger generations no longer choose the teaching profession due to the lack of mentoring programs – potential future teachers learn a few theoretical notions in pedagogical high schools and/or universities, then are left in the classroom without the minimum support necessary to facilitate their success.

Our program is built on the best practices at the international and national level – it is a mentoring program, but it also has elements of understanding the school’s activity as an ecosystem. In some schools, teachers arrive before their first class and leave immediately after the last class, making teaching a solitary job.

At Avenor, we are a community that supports and learns from each other – we are a community of practice. We have an excellent professional development program and we have mentoring sessions.

That’s why we’d like to pass on what we’ve learned that works – we think the time has come to contribute beyond the borders of our community, because we have the expertise and resources to do so.” says Dr. Daniela Vasile – Director of Learning and Acting Head of Secondary.

Our inspiration also came from other countries that have similar programs. For example, in Great Britain there are such programs offered by universities in collaboration with various schools, in which students – future teachers – have internships. The downside of these very effective programs is their high cost (between 7,000 and 10,000 pounds) which makes them unaffordable for many candidates.

The mentorship program offered by Avenor has the advantage that after two years, participating teachers can apply for an internationally recognized UK qualification in teaching. Basically, we offer a financially accessible option for accessing an international qualification in teaching, providing teachers with the practical and mentoring component and implicitly an impressive portfolio.

We want to attract young teachers who are passionate about their profession, who want to learn and become role models for their students and a source of inspiration for other colleagues. In an ambitious two-year project, we aim to provide young teachers with best practices, procedures and models to help them improve and at the same time motivate them to build a career in teaching.

The program follows the format and standards of british initial teacher training programs and includes:

  • Work experience in an international school – continuous training in the classroom;
  • Simultaneous teaching activities with an experienced teacher;
  • Cultivate the skills needed to create educational resources and lesson plans;
  • Class attendance and constant feedback from mentors;
  • The possibility of extending the educational activity within the school at the end of the program.

Pedagogical high school graduates, university graduates or students in their final year who have followed the Psihopedagogic module (minimum level 1), have a very good knowledge of English and a passion for education can enrol in the program.

More details about conditions, benefits and how to apply can be found HERE.