Students in Grade 11 went with their form tutor on a tent trip during the autumn break. Tiberiu, one of the participants, says that the experience at the top of the mountain took him out of his comfort zone and taught him how to survive in nature, giving him a relaxing break from daily worries.

Together with my colleagues and our form tutor, we organised a 3-day camping trip at the end of the autumn break. We went to the Iezer campsite, near the Voinea chalet, just 15 kilometers from Câmpulung. It is of the “off-camping” type, without any facilities, which meant that we had to bring with us absolutely everything we needed, from water bottles and food, to tents and sleeping bags.

The road from Bucharest to there takes about five hours. The campsite was a few meters away next to a cobbled road that continues to climb even higher, on top of the mountain. Along the road, the river Bătrâna flows, which springs from further on, from the Iezer-Păpușa mountains.

From the moment we arrived, we started unpacking our things and setting up our tents. It didn’t take long for us to finish arranging the tents and sleeping bags, after which we started gathering firewood. Although it seems easy, it is quite difficult to find the right wood for the fire and cut them, especially if most of them are wet. I had never done such a thing before, but I learned along the way and managed.

Eventually, we managed to make a big fire, even before it got dark. Due to the mountain that blocks the sunlight and the late autumn, it gets dark very early, from 5, so we had to start making the fire early. We heated the food we had brought to the fire and even cooked soups and other dishes. After that, we all stayed to warm ourselves around the fire, tell stories, and eat marshmallows.

The next day, we went on a hike in the mountains, towards Cabana Voina, the only place with a telephone signal in the area. I was absolutely amazed by the beauty of the autumn mountain landscape – the yellow-leafed trees, the river that flowed along the road and the few cottages in the area. I felt a feeling of peace and calm in that place that you can only have in the middle of nature, surrounded by forest.

I really enjoyed our trip and I’m sure we will repeat it in the future. I think it is very important for all of us to get out, at least for a few days, of the tiring daily routine, to be able to relax and unwind, without pressure. It is also a very practical experience, which helps you learn how to survive and manage in nature. So, I can recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy the peace and get rid of worries for a few days, in a magical atmosphere.