Ioana joined Avenor College International High School in the 9th grade and the adapting from the Romanian system to the Cambridge system was intimidating at first. The new subjects and the differences between the two systems worried her, but with ambition and guidance from the Avenor teachers she managed to overcome her fears and the limits she felt she had.

“I am grateful to my teachers for their support and patience and I am glad that ever since I became an Avenor student, I’ve had many opportunities to discover new areas that I can connect my passions to,” says Ioana.

Now, in the 10th grade, Ioana has discovered her passion for Computer Science and guided by Mr. Ali Yuksel, her teacher, participated in Girls in AI – Romanian Hackathon, an international competition in which students from all over the world aim to find solutions to global problems using the technology of the future – Artificial Intelligence.

We invite you to find out more about Ioana’s experience in this video.

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