In a world where exploration and innovation are fundamental, Avenor offers passionate mathematics students various development opportunities. Through competitions and mathematical challenges, students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and expose themselves to new and unusual situations. Experts argue that this approach not only keeps the brain young but also prepares students for future challenges. 

In this article, Mihaela Ancuța, Teacher of Mathematics and Mathematics Curriculum Leader, helps us better understand the benefits that students have gained from participating in competitions and how thorough preparation and recognition foster increased motivation and confidence in confronting new challenges.


Our goal is to offer passionate maths students various opportunities to step out of their comfort zone and expose themselves to new and different situations from those they encounter in their everyday classroom. Experts say that facing new and unusual situations is a way to keep your brain young, so why not? 

Participating in competitions is not an end in itself, but rather an alternative, an option, a choice for each student. What we have observed is that maths-passionate students have embraced challenges every time; we were glad to see that this year the number of competition participants has significantly increased, as well as their results. 

Participation in competitions is not conditioned by specific preparation in this regard; even relying solely on the knowledge acquired during maths classes, students manage to achieve very good results.It’s wonderful to see their reactions when they hear they’ve won a prize or another. We’ve tried to create beautiful moments for them to remember later, and we’ve handed out the awards in a pleasant setting, without turning the moment itself into a festive and boring one. We notice that after each award ceremony, students leave with an intrinsic motivation to move forward and embrace new challenges.” says Mihaela Ancuța, Teacher of Mathematics, Mathematics Curriculum Leader and Assistant Head of Secondary.

In February, three students who have qualified for the Mathematics Olympiad, Municipal Phase. We stand by them on March 10th, when they will compete alongside the best students from Bucharest to solve highly challenging problems.




At the Upper School, a mathematics competition featuring topics from the school curriculum as well as logic and perceptiveness problems, Ana Maria and Carola, students in 5 Omega, have qualified for the second stage of the competition. Congratulations!




Comper is a national competition in three stages, organised in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

This year, 34 students from 5th and 8th grades participated in the first stage of the mathematics competition, where they achieved very good results, considering the high level of difficulty of the test.

Congratulations to the winners and best of luck in the next stage!


The international competition Maths Black Sea is aimed at students in the 4th and 5th grades, and the team representing our school was made up of 10 students (3 from the 4th grade and 7 from the 5th grade).

In 40 minutes, they had to solve 15 multiple-choice problems. The competition tested concepts from chapters such as Powers, Ordinary Fractions, Units of Measurement, Triangles, Equations, and Data Organization Elements. Additionally, the competition included a challenge component with logic questions.

The Avenor team scored 219 points, a result that placed us 2nd out of the 12 participating schools from different countries.

Congratulations to everyone for participating and getting involved!


UKMT – Intermediate Mathematical Challenge involves a 60-minute test where students are challenged to answer 25 multiple-choice questions. It is a competition that tests mathematical reasoning ability, precision, and fluency of thought. 32 students from 9th and 10th grades participated in this competition and achieved the following results:

  • Gold: 2 students
  • Silver: 12 students
  • Bronze: 15 students
  • Participation: 3 students

UKMT – Senior Mathematical Challenge is a test specially designed for students in 11th and 12th grades. In 90 minutes, students must solve 25 multiple-choice questions designed to challenge their thinking. 21 Avenor students from 11th and 12th grades participated in the competition and achieved the following results:

  • Silver: 5 students
  • Bronze: 2 students
  • Participation: 14 students 

Congratulations to everyone!