Irina Zamfir

EPA Curriculum Leader
Form Tutor 9 Alfa
Teacher of Art & Design

I have been a part of the Avenor College community since 2013, and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to grow professionally in a positive and progressive environment.

I began my professional journey at Avenor in the kindergarten, a period that shaped me rigorously and creatively, and made me realize that the profession of a teacher is the one that fulfills me and challenges me to learn every day. Year after year, I naturally progressed from kindergarten to primary school and then to high school, building a professional path of which I am extremely proud.

I have enjoyed the creativity of primary school students through play and color, and then middle school students have offered me new challenges during art classes. By far, the most beautiful and challenging aspect of teaching for me is preparing students for Art & Design exams in high school (IGCSE and Aevel). I am lucky to teach, but especially to learn, year after year, from high school students who choose the creative path towards universities, understanding the determination, creativity, and perseverance it entails.

I coordinate the creative team of Avenor teachers in the Expressive and Performing Arts Department, and together we offer our students the chance to become the best version of themselves, one step at a time, towards the balanced profile of an Avenor student.

I firmly believe that the needs of each student must be carefully analyzed and understood in order to give each of them the opportunity to develop in a unique way and carve out paths to success.

I am very proud of the events I organize within the school and high school because they always reflect the quality education we aim for and plan for every day. I graduated from the University of Arts in Bucharest and obtained a master’s degree in Creative Strategies at the same university. I believe my academic background provides me with the necessary informational foundation to work with students. Continuous training within the Avenor team, the leadership courses I have completed, collaboration with international institutions and examination boards, and universities give me a good understanding of the British education system. The pedagogical certificates I obtained during my university studies make me look confidently towards the Romanian curriculum, aiming for a holistic understanding of the Avenor student.

At Avenor, we are all students and teachers in equal measure, which is why I strongly believe that this school year will be one of beautiful relationships. We will guide our students on their chosen paths and help them build their creative future.