Mihaela Ancuța

Assistant Head of Secondary
Mathematics Curriculum Leader
Teacher of Mathematics

I am a happy person. I am pleased and satisfied with what life has given me so far. I love challenges and I never hesitate to cope. Others say that I am extremely diligent, responsible and I pay attention to details.

I discovered my passion for mathematics in my childhood, having the chance to meet wonderful teachers from whom I learned a lot. I graduated from Mihai Eminescu National College in Bucharest in 2003 and I fulfilled my dream of becoming a student at the University of Mathematics and Informatics from Bucharest. I graduated in 2007, I obtained a Master’s degree and I began my career in education.

My professional training started at The International School of Bucharest, where I worked with dedication for five years. I attended professional development courses, studied and experienced British education in an international environment and I soon became fascinated by it. At ISB I was ICT and Maths teacher, form tutor, Exams Officer and Assessment Coordinator.

The experiences lead me to Avenor College in 2014, because, as I said at the beginning, I love challenges and I do not hesitate to face them. I teach IGCSE and A Level Mathematics for Avenor High School classes, preparing the students for Cambridge IGCSE and A Level Examinations.

As a Maths Curriculum Leader, in collaboration with all the Maths teachers, we have a common goal: students’ mathematical success.

I am enthusiastic about interacting with students and I take great pleasure in watching them grow in understanding under my mentorship, but my primary goal is to create a positive environment for students, to bring the sense of joy and satisfaction in the everyday lesson and make Mathematics meaningful, rewarding and successful for my students.

I design lessons that minimize teacher talk and maximize student thinking, so the students do the work and I help them make personal connections to their lives to address the question “Why do I need this?”

Maths lessons include a variety of activities like individual exploration, project work, small-group work, whole-class discussions, peer instructions and a range of classic brain teasers and challenging problems so we will not only study for IGCSE and A Level Examinations, but we will test our logic and have fun.

The new role of Assistant Head of Secondary motivates me to involve myself with all my energy in the continuous development of the learning processes and the school development overall.