In February, Avenor College participated in the Mangahigh competition along with 125 schools around the world. This year, our school ranked 1st in the top of the participating schools in Romania and in Eastern Europe, and 8th in the world. We invite you to learn more about the experience of participating in this competition from our teachers and students.

Mihaela Ancuța, Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Curriculum Leader:

Mangahigh is about challenges, competition, perseverance, ambition and suspense. It is one of the first gamification platforms for mathematics and coding and contains innovative games, adapted to the needs of students. Not only do students compete with their classmates and other students from other schools around the world, but they work at the individual level of knowledge and skills and learn new concepts while solving math problems through play. Moreover, Mangahigh improves students’ teamwork skills, and as they complete math activities, they earn points for their schools in the competition leaderboard.

Ioana, 10th grade: It was my first math competition in high school, but in the past I participated in the Olympics, Comper and others. The online experience I had participating in the Mangahigh contest made me fall in love with this kind of contest, which requires mathematical knowledge, logic and attention. Both the level of difficulty and the type of problems vary – most are grid-type, many illustrating everyday situations, or games that can help you increase your score. Correctness and work matter a lot. The ranking of the top 10 in school and of the class was visible, and it motivated me to work hard to be among the first. I appreciated the diversity of the exercises and the possibility to work in the intervals in which I can concentrate best. In addition to the fact that there was a change in the routine of working past papers (exam preparation, n.r.), I feel that I have enriched my ability to combine logic and mathematical knowledge in solving practical problems. At school I worked for a week during math classes (about 5 hours), and in my free time I spent a little more time, every night during the event about 2-3 hours, sometimes even more.

Ana, 2nd grade: I really like math and I was very happy when I heard that we will be able to participate this year as well. It was my first math competition.

During the week, at school, I worked 3 hours, and on weekends around 6 hours. Once I started solving problems, I couldn’t stop. I mostly enjoyed the ones without time limit, because I could better focus on the logic of the problem.

Mara, 5th grade: Mangahigh has all kinds of math problems, some are based on logic games, others are problems you have to solve on paper. I spent 2 hours at school and almost 4 at home.

What I liked most about this competition was that I was able to learn by playing and I was able to better understand certain concepts that I learned in math classes.