Every year, at Avenor College, we offer our High School students an internship programme that gives them  the opportunity to practice in companies in their fields of interest, understand how a business works, and learn about teamwork, challenges, passion, enthusiasm and the entrepreneurial mindset. These internships challenge our students to explore their potential and become truly Future Ready.

At Avenor, we aim to provide our students with unique learning experiences that complement academic programme and help them discover their potential and passions.

The internship programme is available starting from  9th grade and significantly differentiates the learning experience that our students have during high school. The goal of the programme is to prepare students for life after Avenor and to provide them with interesting and challenging opportunities by experiencing real work environments.

With the support of the Avenor community and the business community, in the last seven years since Avenor International High-School was founded, we have been able to offer our high school students the opportunity to spend two weeks each year in banks, architectural or engineering offices, in medical offices, factories, hospitals, museums, newsrooms, hotels, restaurants and wherever there has been interest from our students eager to validate their career options, to become aware of their own resources, qualities, abilities and skills.

Last year, 75 students completed internships in 30 companies. This year we aim to help 90 students to complete their theoretical training with the experience of a real job.

The testimonials of Avenor students who had the opportunity to participate in internships during their years of study are a clear indicator of the benefits and success that such a program brings.

You learn about yourself

The experience of integrating themselves into different work environments, the routine or the unexpected of a day in an office, help our students to discover new things about themselves, challenge them to step out of their comfort zone and take risks. Also, the internship is a good opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that are very valuable for college admission. In a highly competitive market, the advantage of internships adds a lot of weight to your application..

Discover career opportunities

At the age of choice, students need to validate that a temporary passion can be converted into a lifelong career choice. Adolescence is a period of exploration. It is important that students try different areas in which they can work so that the choice of their future career is beeing made in an assumed way.

You know professionals in various fields

The internships give students a chance to explore the job market and get to know professionals in different fields. These meetings with specialists in the students’ areas of interest can be decisive when it comes to choosing a career. Moreover, students have the chance to be noticed by professionals, these meetings thus becoming starting points for future careers.

In addition, the fact that you have had the opportunity to meet professionals from various fields throughout high school is a long-term advantage. You can always turn to these people to ask for an opinion, a recommendation, or an advice.

The Avenor Internship Programme would not be possible without the help of parents in the Avenor community. They have been with us since we launched this program and have continued to welcome our high school students to the companies and organisations they represent and offer them the opportunity to experience activities in their desired areas of interest.” says Paul Barrie, Head of Secondary and Avenor internships coordinator.

“The internship experience with the Avenor students was a positive one, both regarding their involvement in daily tasks but also the energy that they emanate through their cheerful attitude.

Valentin was assigned to the Reception during the first week where he learned about the check-in / check-out process, showed openness in learning about the hotel management system and contributed to the small tasks received from colleagues. The second week he wanted to continue his internship in the Restaurant and Banqueting department. Together with Tudor, they were responsible for room preparation and cleaning in the restaurant and back office area.

Sara and Diana integrated very well in the Reservations / Sales department where they learned and also contributed to the booking process, they implemented the basic principles of a commercial offer taking into account the type of customer, they learned about the online systems and how it helps us in promoting and attracting new revenue and they have identified the channels through which tourists make reservations. Their contribution extended to the marketing area by composing messages both in Romanian and English through which we informed the guests about special situations. Diana was the guide in our location tour for the team who was making a “Caro” film dedicated to the accommodation of the Ukrainian team. 

Both girls participated in an event organised in our garden where they learned what organising events involves, they were introduced to the organiser and interacted with him. ” says Florentina Nițu, Key Account Manager at Hotel Caro.

Internship programs represent the ideal transition between school and the labour market, being real learning opportunities. By participating in such programme, beyond the choice of an activity domain, Avenor students have the opportunity to become aware of what a job means, as an employee or employer, what pressure and responsibility involves, what it’s like to work in a team, and how important is the work environment.

By participating in such programme, students have the opportunity to take a look at the future, to imagine their own workday and to be aware of the importance of this step – the choice of job that will attract you, will challenge you, and it suits you.

If you think your organisation might be interested in further supporting the Internship programme by offering two weeks placements for this year also, please feel free to contact us at internships@avenor.ro