Clara’s ART

Clara, a grade 12 Alfa student at Avenor, directed her first play which premiered on February 10th, on the stage of Țăndărică Theater. 

The production received appreciation, captivating audiences with its depth and emotional resonance. Clara’s debut marks a promising start, reflecting her profound passion for theater and directing, particularly evident in her skillful communication of complex messages, as the one in Yasmina Reza’s text.

Below, you’ll find Clara’s story and the initial reviews of the play, shared by members of our community who attended Clara’s debut night – Smaranda Nicolau, teacher of Drama and Media Studies, and Dana Papadima, Educational Director.

Clara’s Story

Over the past decade, I’ve participated in numerous school theater productions. However, I eventually decided to take a step further by dedicating my free time to a teenage theater troupe. It was there that I met Dragoș, Theodor, and Denis, who now comprise the cast of my latest production, ‘Art’. Recently, I transitioned away from acting to focus on what felt like my true calling – directing. Thus, the concept for ‘Art’ took shape, marking my directorial debut.

Bringing this production to life demanded considerable effort, time, and emotional investment. Yet, not once did I experience regret, obligation, or fatigue. In every rehearsal, I loved what I was doing, what we were building. I learned how important it is to surround yourself with people who share the same ambitions, the same passions, and who, in my case, appreciate art. I owe immense gratitude to the talented actors whose dedication and support, from our very first rehearsal, were unwavering, despite my lack of prior directing experience. Every step of the process reaffirmed the authenticity of my love for theater and directing, guiding me along the way.

I am proud of what we have achieved together, and I am excited that the world is coming to see our play.

”A Review” – by Smaranda Nicolau

You might say that Yasmina Reza write plays for grown-ups. A favorite among the group of intellectually inclined artists aged 40+, Reza writes complex scores that brim with the paradoxical experiences that adults accumulate as they go through life. “Art” is about a childhood friendship facing its midlife crisis. Three friends reach a point in their adult lives where they don’t share much anymore. At this point, the completely white painting, with “two white diagonal stripes” that Serge buys for 35,000 EUR becomes the spark that ignites the already existing powder keg.

At first glance, it seems like the play is about the white painting and many experienced directors and actors have indeed made the mistake of dwelling on the obvious theme. But Reza and youthful director Clara Ciușcă, following closely in her footsteps, know full well that the audience wants to see theater, not philosophy. Clara’s “Art” lies in her stubborn determination to probe into the deeper layers of the text. In her play, the social commentary on the value of art is delivered without stealing the audience’s attention from the real issue – the loss of a friendship. Clara demonstrates that she has the ability to work with finesse and depth with the three immensely talented actors playing Marc, Serge and Ivan, to create a story in which the audience invests emotionally, not just intellectually.

With this direction, Yasmina Reza’s text bursts with significance. The author’s multi-faceted words retain their philosophical layers without sacrificing anything from the emotional relationship between the characters. The three interpreters of friends Serge, Marc, and Ivan deliver an expertly sustained powerhouse performance; the acting is as smart as it is believable, the scenes flow rhythmically, the punchlines land with impeccable timing, and everything revolves around a thread of perfect clarity, reflecting Clara’s organizing force of the idea.

Yasmina Reza’s texts seem, at first glance, to be texts for grown-ups. But the audience at Clara’s premiere was equally divided between young and old, and everyone was laughing in unison. I think that through their youth, Clara and actors Theodor Andrei, Denis Belu, and Dragoș Prundeanu, remind us all that often we pretend to be rational when we are hurt and scared, we pretend to be successful when we feel aimless, we pretend that our friends have changed when we are afraid that they simply don’t like us anymore. At all ages.

Testimony from the theater audience – Dana Papadima

Without diminishing Clara’s known qualities – depth, curiosity, creativity – I must admit that last night’s performance left me speechless, yet with hands wet from applause and with emotion in my throat.

I also told her; I didn’t attempt to be kind simply because she is 18 years old, our lifelong student, my friend’s daughter, and indeed, my younger friend. I savored a well-rounded directorial success, a control of the performance dynamics rarely seen even in many “mature” directors, all accompanied by perfect communication with the cast.

Congratulations to all; today, emotion has turned into pride!


The second performance of the play will take place on March 20th, at 6:00 PM, at Sensio Living. Seats are limited. Reservations can be made HERE, subject to availability. The ticket price is 40 lei and will be paid at Sensio on the day of the event. All proceeds will go to the artist team.