Richard Thomason, the newly appointed Head of Secondary at Avenor, has embraced teaching driven by his deep passion for History. Over the years, his commitment to making a meaningful and broader impact on education determined him to move into management.

He aspires to offer Avenor’s students extensive opportunities for growth and to become a fully engaged member of our community.


Hello, Richard. Welcome to Avenor! Tell us a bit about yourself. 

My main interest is travel and exploring different ideas to learn more about the world, so I enjoy experiencing different cultures and seeing the wonderful sights the world has to offer. I also love music and enjoy listening to and playing acoustic folk music. In terms of sports, I love playing tennis and enjoy watching football and boxing. I am a big Liverpool FC fan and have been since I was 3 years old. 

I teach History and studied History and Philosophy at university. I am still very interested in both disciplines and continue to learn more about them. 

Additionally, I really enjoy cooking and trying different foods. On the weekends, I like to go walking and spend time in nature whenever I can as I find it very relaxing.

Why did you pursue a career in education?

Initially, I decided to go into teaching because of my love for History and my desire to share my enthusiasm with the younger generation. I have stayed in education and moved into management to have a broader influence on education. I believe that education is the most vital aspect of human civilization. We need to ensure that our young people receive a holistic education that encompasses important things like workplace skills, concern for the planet, and moral values. On a personal level, I believe that being well-educated enhances one’s experience of life and makes existence more rich and stimulating. I want to work at a school that inspires students to appreciate the world from different angles, be it historically, scientifically, through language, arts, sports, or other areas of endeavor we have here at Avenor. 

I want all students to have ample opportunities to succeed, prosper, and experience the broad spectrum of life.

You have recently moved from Uganda. What are some cultural shocks you have experienced during this transition?I fear the main shock will be the cold winter mornings ! 

So  far, the main hurdle I have encountered is not being able to speak the native language, but I am actively trying to learn Romanian. Voi avea nevoie de ajutor. 🙂

Language aside, I have been very impressed by Bucharest. It is a beautiful city with a lot of character, history, and culture to appreciate. Walking in Bucharest is very stimulating, every corner has a surprise. The past and the present are there in front of you. 

 What about in regards to education?

In terms of education, my previous school in Uganda and Avenor have many things in common, such as their size and curriculum. Both schools offer IGCSE and A-level programs. In Uganda, I worked at an international school, but I also visited and sometimes got involved with less privileged schools that had no funding and very basic buildings, with huge class sizes and a lack of well qualified teachers . This experience made me realize how fortunate I have been to have the opportunities I’ve had, and I believe we should never take the opportunity we have for granted.

 What do you hope to find at Avenor?

I hope to find a community that supports each other and is happy, where all students, staff, and parents feel like they are part of something special. Being part of a caring and warm community is an incredible thing. Avenor is unique in that, while it is an international school, it also has a strong commitment to Romanian culture and heritage. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to join this community. 

What are your long-term goals/aims for the Avenor community?

My goal is to make an already wonderful school even better by providing more opportunities and engagement for students. Avenor is already a huge success, but we can never be complacent and must keep striving for excellence. The reason I wanted to work at Avenor is because I could clearly see the commitment of all the staff to making it the best school in the world. That is our aim!