Andrei Mitoiu (Grade 11) is a screenwriter, director and even actor in almost all 30 short films he has created so far. He discovered his passion for film 4 years ago, when he realised that he can use images to create magic. His films have recently been in festival selections and he enjoyed the interaction with an audience that shares his passion. We invite you to access his YouTube channel and find out more about his characters and the hundreds of hours of work “behind the scene” in his own words, below.

I discovered my passion for film 4 years ago, because I really liked to fool my friends with magic tricks. But when I searched the internet, I realised that I can create much more impressive tricks by manipulating moving pictures. Gradually, my interest in filmmaking grew, and I started creating my first films. In some of them I filmed myself, in others I filmed my brother and cousin, in superhero roles – it was not an easy mission to coordinate them, but the truth is that we had a great time.

Working on the 30 films I have made so far, I have learned a lot about storytelling, editing, filming and acting. As time went on, my passion for bringing stories to life motivated me to continue making films, despite limited resources or not always favourable circumstances.

This summer, I decided to submit my most recent four shorts to international film festivals, and I was happy to find out that three of them were selected by 7 festivals.

“Super” is a film festival for teenagers in Romania, a festival that selected the film “The Red Bowtie” and also invited me to the screening of my film on September 1st at Mercato Kultur. At the event I was extremely excited, because for the first time one of my movies was watched by teenagers with whom I shared the same passion.

After the screening I was invited to talk about the source of inspiration behind the film, the time it took to complete it – more than 150 hours of work – and my motivation to spend so many hours in front of the computer to express ideas and feelings through images.

The experience was unexpectedly pleasant, because the community of film people proved to be interesting and welcoming, eager to provide support to passionate teenagers.