7 years after the opening of Avenor High School, we are happy to live an extraordinary moment in the evolution of our school. The opening of a new building, dedicated exclusively to students in grades 6-12, creates new opportunities for students who want to join us and are waiting for a place at Avenor.

So, on the 5th of May, we are organising an event dedicated to these families, in order to give them the opportunity to get to know our students and teachers and to find out directly from them about the education at Avenor.

“We are always happy to tell the story of our school through our own learning experiences. I came to Avenor in the 5th grade and so far, until the 10th grade, I’ve been involved as coordinator in dozens of projects. Among them is the Avenor Mentorship Programme that I started in the 6th grade, with guests such as Pavel Bartoș, Ana Consulea and Tedy Ursuleanu. As President of the Student Council, I implemented the Avenor Hoodie, and this year I have the honor of coordinating TEDxYouth@AvenorCollege together with 22 of the hardest working people I know. I think that in all these experiences it helped me a lot that I had my colleagues by my side, that our teachers guided us with skill and clarity offering us opportunities that we could not have accessed on our own. At Avenor we have a very open environment for any initiative, and I am sure that many more projects will follow.” says Sandra Pitu, one of the hosts of this event.

“This is a very exciting moment in the evolution of our school. We are preparing to open a new building that will host over 250 students next year. Our High School has developed very well in the last years. We have 3 generations of graduates now studying in prestigious universities and our programmes have diversified a lot in the meantime. We want to create opportunities for the round development of our students.

We’re glad that 12th graders have already started to receive offers from universities, and we were thrilled to learn that Andrei, one of our 12th graders, has been admitted to Harvard. ” – Diana Segărceanu, Executive Director of Avenor College.


Avenor College follows the British curriculum

The IGCSE – International General Certificate of Secondary Education – covers the first two years of High School – Grades 9 and 10 in the Romanian system / Years 10 and 11 of KS4 in the British system.

Advanced AS/A2 – The Advanced Level Examination – has two parts: AS and A2. The Advanced level covers the final two years of high school – Grades 11 and 12 in the Romanian system/ Years 12 and 13 of KS5 in the British system – and prepares students for University admission.

The middle school offers Avenor students the opportunity to choose their line of study. Starting with the 6th grade, a personalised school orientation programme is outlined. Students have the opportunity to choose to study Mathematics, English and Science in the British system and take the specific assessments or to study Mathematics and the Romanian language in the national system and take the National Evaluation exams.