We are very proud of our senior year students who had a first opportunity to feel the emotions of their last year of high school when they delivered speeches in front of a very special audience: their teachers, colleagues and most importantly, their parents as part of their Romanian language course graduation. 

They have been preparing for this moment for almost a year, with the support of Liviu Papadima, vice-rector of the University of Bucharest and public speaking trainer. Mr. Papadima was also a member of the jury for this public speaking event, alongside Dana Papadima, educational director and Avenor College’s Communications and Admissions Manager, Raluca Tarcea.

Mihaela Stancu, Romanian language teacher, challenged her grade 12 students to imagine their life 10 years from now. And the result was amazing. Our Grade 12 students managed to capture their audience within the first minutes of their speeches. It was a very emotional moment both for them and for their audience, as their answers were creative, authentic and original. 

Leon is aiming to have a balanced life, pursuing his career in sports and his academic goals. Ana invited the audience to become acquainted with the idea of​ “​I don’t know what my future holds” and “I don’t want to know.” While some of our students set goals for their careers, Tudor, a future Avenor College graduate, ended his speech with a phrase that raised the audience’s applause: “In 10 years, I want to be comfortable with myself.”

As the president of the jury, Dana Papadima concluded, “our students have proven a good friendship with the Romanian language” and very strong public speaking skills, all required abilities for the future leaders of Romania.