Three 10th grade students – Brianna, Iarina and Andrada – are the founders of a project entirely student-led, through which they invite Avenor students to put themselves in the position of Santa’s elves and to prepare gifts for children who are less fortunate enjoy the holidays as they deserve. In the message below from the three organizers, you can find all the details that can transform you, if you want, into real elves.


The ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’ project started last year when we were discussing our experiences as volunteers at „Salvati Copii“ Romania. Many times we don’t realize how privileged we are, especially on Christmas morning when we wake up in the morning with presents arranged under the tree. This is how we came up with the idea of ​​the project, from our desire to bring joy to the less fortunate children during the winter holidays.


Last year we managed to collect 90 gifts for the little ones, this year we aim to collect 140. The goal is big, so we need as many elves as possible who want to help us.


❄️Enter HERE and you will find the list of all the children who need our help. Choose who you want to give a gift to and write your full name, email address, phone number and class next to the child you chose.

❄️ Follow the gift suggestions from the chosen child (mentioned by him as he wishes) and try to include them in the package made by you. If no size is specified, then the child does not want the clothing.

❄️Pack the gift in a SEALED cardboard box! Don’t forget to decorate it in a packaging suitable for the Holidays.

❄️Put the label with the child’s name, age and the educational center for which you prepared the gift. Make sure this gift comes from SANTA and not you, so we don’t ruin the magic of Christmas for the little ones.

Since we want each child to enjoy similar gifts, we would be very happy if each was worth around 250 – 500 lei.

How many gifts can you give? Santa has no limits, so if you want to take on more children, we are more than happy for you to do so!

🛎️DEADLINE 12 December – Office, Secondary building.