This year, on June 28th, our high school students, parents, teachers, and internship partners who responded to our invitation participated in the internship presentation event. 

105 high school students benefited from a week of practical learning experiences in companies within their field of interest. They had the opportunity to glimpse into the future and see to what extent a particular career suited them. 

During the event on June 28th, they shared their experiences, what they learned during the internship, highlighted the strengths of the learning programme but also they pointed out the areas for improvement. 

Grouped into 8 themes – STEM, Creative Arts, Architecture & Design, Marketing, Medicine, Social Science, Finance, and Business – the students’ presentations illustrated a multitude of industries, each of them representing a potential future career.


I chose to do an internship in this area of interest (Business) because I believe it will be very beneficial to my potential future career in business, but also because I found it really interesting to discover what goes on behind a company and to fully comprehend its objectives, struggles and successes.

I can fairly say the week flew by instantly, as we were all extremely engaged to the task we were assigned: to create a new restaurant in Bucharest, fully from scratch. From checking costs to searching for venues, creating a business forecast and even calculating the break even point, the variety of tasks and involvement of staff really created an unforgettable experience for me and my classmates, redirecting what was a tough work circumstance into a motivating and enjoyable time.” – says Ana,  grade 9 Omega.

”We witnessed firsthand how strategies are formulated, decisions are made, and goals are achieved. This experience enabled us to understand the practical implications of theoretical concepts and helped us develop a new perspective on business practices.

 At IB CARGO, our supervisors did their best by making us feel welcome and were very understanding of any needs we required.

Overall, the internship was very helpful and because of the very many details we were given about the job and what it consists of, we realised that perhaps some of us want to choose a different career path, which is indeed efficient.” – says Korin, grade 9 Alfa.

”In the past year, uncertainty has gripped my heart as I questioned whether I should pursue medicine. The choice between becoming a doctor or taking a different path weighed heavily on my mind.

As I grappled with this decision, I realised the importance of making calculated choices, even in the face of time pressure. The decision of which college to attend and which course to pursue demanded careful consideration.

During the past week, I had the privilege of spending time at Neuroaxis, a renowned neurology clinic. There, I encountered a diverse range of patients, from those with common conditions like migraines to individuals battling rare diseases lacking dedicated treatments.

These experiences offered poignant insights into the reality of being a doctor. 

Regardless of the trajectory my career takes, the impact of my time at Neuroaxis and the lessons learned will remain ingrained in my professional journey.

In conclusion, the path forward may still be uncertain, but the experiences and growth attained at Neuroaxis have set a firm foundation. The commitment to serving patients with empathy and delivering medical information with clarity will guide me as I embark on a career dedicated to healing and making a difference in the lives of those I encounter.” – says Filip, grade 11 Alfa.

“I had the opportunity to work alongside the Avenor team during the Marketing & Communication internship. I was very excited because, having some familiarity with the field of Marketing from my Media Studies classes, I knew that I still had a lot to learn. 

A few days before the internship, I found out about the schedule we would have, and the workshops with external companies piqued my curiosity.

I was surprised by how well-structured this internship was and the fact that every day we had numerous activities, each one more interesting than the last. I discovered new things about the Avenor brand and had the opportunity to put into practice all the “theory” I had learned.

I realised that branding is much more complicated than I would have thought, and I could actually see myself working in this field in the future, following my passion.

I will never forget this internship because, besides getting to know new people and participating in interactive activities that helped me develop new skills, I learned how complicated it is to go through a rebranding process and how important every detail is in any marketing campaign,” – says Teodora, 10th-grade Delta.

Once again, we thank the Partners for the Future who made this project possible by offering internships in their companies: ACE Project Management, Aparterre Shop, Asociația Go-Ahead, Tudor Lucaciu & Castel Film Studios, Asociația Deci Se Poate, Eau de Web, Enso Design, Filgud, Hellenic Cables, IB Cargo, KPMG, Maison de Crêpes, Muzeul Fotbalului, Neuroaxis, Biroul de avocatură Nipaa – Negoiță, Iancu și Panaitescu, Oxygen, Picktwo, Laboratoarele Regina Maria, Symbold Studio, Surf Cafe, Teatrul Național București, Wellborn and [Yellow Car].