At a ceremony held at Elisabeta Palace, 11 Avenor high school students were awarded Gold level completion certificates by Her Royal Highness Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown. During the same event, Avenor was honored with the “Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Delivery of the Award Programme” acknowledging our school as one of the largest centers in the country. With a growing number of students embracing challenges to develop their interests and gain valuable skills, we take pride in both our students’ achievements and the dedicated team guiding them. Together, they have elevated the programme to its current level of excellence.


We are proud of the 11 Avenor high school students who were presented with the Gold Award certificate during the ceremony hosted by Her Royal Highness Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, at Elisabeta Palace. This moment was a recognition of their dedication and commitment, as well as the collective effort of the leadership team facilitating the programme within the school.

I wholeheartedly recommend The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme to all young people who want to get to know themselves better and discover themselves during such a special stage in their lives, because it will give them the opportunity to realize how important social connections can be in their personal development. It’s the kind of experience that will show them the beauty of the freedom to express themselves as they wish, to try things that may scare them at first, to see the world from different perspectives, to communicate in ways they never thought they would, to explore everything they set out to do, to achieve things that truly matter, and to live intensely in every moment.

As expressed during the ceremony at Elisabeta Palace, I entered the programme as a curious child, eager to explore, create, and learn. Now, I emerge as a ‘prepared’ adolescent, equipped to face life’s challenges. The experience of the ceremony on March 27th was transformative. 

Upon arrival at the palace, I felt a unique energy and a sense of belonging. Interacting with fellow participants infused me with positivity, warmth, and encouragement. I had the opportunity to meet new people, to learn stories from each other that made me realize how much beauty there is in a diversity of people with different paths, coming together to celebrate an “end” that is actually a new beginning,” says Maria, 12 Alfa, holder of Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award certificates.

Students participating in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme receive international certificates and badges of recognition, according to the level they have completed: Bronze, Silver, or Gold. These certificates, recognized by universities and employers worldwide, are awarded at special ceremonies attended by programme participants, sponsors, and supporters.

Bronze and Silver ceremonies are organized at the local level, while Gold ceremonies are organized nationally and hosted by Her Royal Highness Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, with the presence of other special guests at Elisabeta Palace.

Setting aside the multitude of overwhelming emotions I experienced during the ceremony, I can say that I am proud. Proud of myself, my classmates, and the teachers who have encouraged and supported us along this journey. Involvement in the programme has primarily helped me realize my own evolution – I now understand my limits and qualities much better, and I have confidence that whatever goals I set for myself in the future, I will be able to achieve them. The programme has demonstrated to me that if I am dedicated and put in effort, I can learn anything.

This recognition means more to me than just a diploma;  it is an extraordinary way to meet new people, find new opportunities, and unlock numerous professional and personal prospects.” says Vlad, grade 12 Alfa, holder of Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award certificates.

For Avenor, the ceremony held on March 27th marked an exceptional moment of recognition, with 11 out of the 16 students achieving the Gold Award coming from our school.

Avenor initiated student participation in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme back in 2018, and by February 2019, we already had 28 students enrolled, accompanied by 5 leaders and 1 student completing the Bronze Award level. Now, in 2024, we are proud to have 138 students enrolled in the programme, 11 leaders, 105 students attaining the Bronze Award, 29 achieving the Silver Award, and 14 earning the prestigious Gold Award. 

Avenor students have the opportunity to enroll in this programme at the beginning of 8th grade and are mentored throughout by an enthusiastic team consisting of: Ionel Vodă, Sebastian Ion, Manuela Nae, Sandra Barbu, Steliana Curelea, Claudia Andrei, Alexandra Andrei, Valentin Brabete, Jenny Taylor, and Anda Costache.

We are thrilled by the growing interest in the programme and stand by all our students eager to confront the challenges leading to recognition, whether it be Bronze, Silver, or Gold.” says the programme coordinator at Avenor, Luminița Susanu, Student Programmes Manager & Examinations Officer.

Supported by the British Royal Family, with His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh as Global Patron, the Award has been available to young people in Romania since 2013 under the High Patronage of Her Royal Highness Margareta, Custodian of the Crown.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme is a global leader among youth programmes. Regardless of their background, economic or social context, young people benefit significantly from this programme, as it offers them the opportunity to excel and receive international recognition for their efforts.

In an experience that combines the acquisition of new knowledge and life skills with moments of relaxation and fun in nature with peers, this programme significantly contributes to shaping the professional and personal future of the youth who participate in it.