All the children we know go to school. Not to a school, but to a certain one, a school that parents usually chose carefully. The question a child often receives is “what school do you go to?”. Saying the school`s name, the child actually offers a much broader answer about who he is, what are his academic aspirations, what is the importance of education for his family.

The school uniform tacitly conveys all this information to people around us. All elite schools have a uniform that represents the values ​​of the institution and that is also a symbol of belonging to a certain community.

The uniform has always represented belonging, values, traditions, professionalism and desirable behavior, the uniform being, above all, a symbol, something beyond the material.

A pilot in uniform gives you confidence that he is ready to fly the plane safely, a doctor in uniform tells us that he is professional and ready to heal us, a policeman in uniform creates the expectation of providing protection and safety to those around him, a firefighter in uniform tells us that he is a life saver, a child in uniform becomes a student and tells his teacher and colleagues that he is ready to learn.

Symbolically, the Avenor uniform brings us together around common values, thus significantly contributing to the creation of our community identity, it is a hint of “Avenorian”, a symbol that indirectly says a lot about each of us.

Beyond the symbolism of the uniform, wearing it has many advantages.

The uniform is the symbol of our community and generates a sense of belonging. Dressed in uniform, students generate cohesion and build the community. Outside the school, dressed in uniform, we find it easier to spot each other, we are recognized and identified with the high standards of the school.

The uniform conveys discipline and professionalism. The uniform puts us in the position of “student” not only of “child” or “teenager” and the school is the place where we come to learn, to work, to get involved, to develop in order to reach our aspirations.

Wearing a uniform is considered to contribute significantly to improving the child’s behavior at school. Wearing the uniform, the child enters the role of a student who will try to fulfill it as best he can. It also reduces the chances of distraction at school, with students being more serious in class, which increases the chances of better academic performance.

Wearing a uniform helps increase students’ self-confidence. Wearing a uniform eliminates some of the reasons of anxiety – especially to teenagers – related to appearance and clothing choices, giving the child an extra chance to become more confident.

Wearing a uniform prepares students for life. Wearing a uniform prepares children for the formal scenarios we all face in life. Depending on where we go and who we meet, it is important to have the right attire for the occasion – this is how we show respect for that person or group we are interacting with but also for ourselves. In a professional environment, dressing appropriately is an expected behavior for any adult, a behavior that you learn in the family and practice it during school by wearing the uniform.

The uniform – a safety measure for students. It is much easier to recognize a student who has left campus if he or she has a uniform or to recognize an intruder on campus. Also, in off-campus activities, such as field trips or events, wearing a uniform helps us to recognize ourselves and not get lost.

Wearing a uniform reduces the risk of teasing each other. As in the case of adults, clothes, beyond their utilitarian role, are used by children to express themselves. Especially in adolescence, expressing yourself differently in terms of clothing than those around you can be a reason for animosity and division, behaviors that we want to minimize in school by wearing a uniform.

The uniform reduces issues like “what do I wear today?”.. That way, everyone has easier mornings – parents and children. Thanks to the uniform, you have less to do in the morning, eliminating the pressure of a choice. In addition, the uniform items are made of quality materials and are very comfortable. Moreover, wearing the uniform at school every day, children enjoy more weekends and holidays, when they can wear whatever they want.

The uniform significantly reduces the family’s annual budget for children’s clothing, especially for teenagers., especially for teenagers. With a higher initial investment at the beginning of the school year, the total annual cost of the family for the child’s clothes decreases significantly.

At Avenor College, wearing a uniform is mandatory.

The festive uniform (blazer, formal skirt / pants, shirt, tie) is part of the Avenor identity.. It is our way of presenting ourselves at official events and showing respect, trust and admiration for the Avenor team.


Sports equipment (sports jersey, pants / tights, jacket) is worn at sporting events and sports classes.


The shirt, the cardigan, the hoodie, the pants, the tights, the Avenor skirt are part of the casual uniform.. The casual uniform is about everyday life, when we need to be more relaxed in our movements, when we work and learn.

The uniform helps us to give clues to those around us about who we are. Sometimes it reminds us who we are. The uniform is a binder that helps students feel like members of the same community, to get closer, to recognize each other, to have a common goal and a strong message to pass on: we are Avenor!