Tudor Manole, a 9th grade student, was looking for an educational system that encourages student development at all levels. He applied for an Avenor scholarship because he identified with the school’s values and because he wanted to develop and reach his full potential.

His scholarship project is the school’s math magazine – MATH-LY-NEWS, for which he provides graphic design, a project that complements his school experience and helps him connect with others.

Avenor: Tell us about yourself and what it means to be a scholarship student at Avenor?

Tudor: My name is Tudor, I am 15 years old, I am in the 9th grade and I am an Avenor College scholar. For me, the status of scholar is an honor, but also an opportunity to develop, to evolve, to reach my full potential.

When and how did you decide to apply for a scholarship at Avenor College? How did you find out about the scholarship programme?

Tudor:I was considering the option of attending high school in a different education system, so I studied the entire educational offer existing at that time. Avenor was my first choice, because I wanted to finish high school in the British system and because I felt that I identified with the values ​​of this school. I found out about the scholarship programme on the school website and made the decision to apply out of a desire to complete my academic training in an education system that encourages the development of the student at all levels.

Avenor: How was the application process?

Tudor: The application process is a complex one. Without focusing only on academic results and extracurricular projects, it evaluates the student from several points of view, taking into account his potential.

During middle school, I accumulated very good results both at school and in the competitions or activities in which I was involved. All this gave me confidence and support in the application process. Of course, the emotions were present, but they disappeared after the selection process actually started and I became familiar with the system.

Avenor: How do you work on a scholar project? Who helps you – whether we are talking about colleagues or mentors?

Tudor: The projects initiated by Avenor scholars are both for them and for their colleagues, a plus that completes the school experience. These scholar projects allow us to expose ourselves to unique experiences. We learn new values, we discover ourselves, we create and grow interpersonal relationships, we learn more about who we are and how to work with people around us. The work environment is friendly and welcoming, an ideal place for development, where there is no fear of making mistakes and the ultimate goal is learning.

No scholar project would be possible without the help of colleagues and mentors, each with their own role. In my project’s case, MATH-LY-NEWS, my colleagues are full of enthusiasm and new ideas, each bringing a personal style to his articles. Along with all this, the experience of the coordinating teacher ensures the completion of the project, in order to create something new and challenging every two months, when the magazine is published.

How did you get involved in the MATH-LY-NEWS project?

Tudor: I was looking for an idea for ​​my own scholar project, when I found out about the existence of MATH-LY-NEWS magazine, a magazine whose purpose is to inform fellow mathematics enthusiasts about current events in this fascinating field. The choice was a natural one, mathematics being my passion since primary school. Moreover, the project allows me to combine several of my passions: computer science, history and, more recently, graphic design. Thus, researching and preparing the materials needed to illustrate the articles is a real pleasure.

Avenor: What did you find out about yourself when you started your scholarship programme at Avenor?

Tudor: Avenor scholarship programme helped me learn how to manage my own project, to take on responsibilities, to manage my time so that I could get involved in as many activities as possible.

Avenor: What advice do you have for a student who is tempted by the Avenor scholarship programme but does not have the courage to apply?

Tudor: I recommend to every student who has been trained during the middle school years to have confidence in their own strengths and in this system that honestly gives equal opportunities to everyone.

At Avenor College we offer annual high school student scholarships for 8th and 10th graders (Year 9 and 11). Scholarships cover between 25% and 100% of the schooling fee and are awarded until the end of the education cycle.

We are looking for students who demonstrate exceptional academic and co-curricular results, who are role models, with a proactive attitude towards learning. Avenor scholar fully participates in school events and is a good colleague and friend.

For details you can write an email to burse@avenor.ro