With a new team of coordinators, an ambitious goal and a consistent effort, the Avenor Christmas Charity Fair was the event that, just days before Christmas, brought the Avenor community together to enjoy and give in the same time.

We are proud of the 7th edition of the Christmas Fair and the team of high school organisers who once again managed to pleasantly surprise us with their professionalism, involvement and care for those around them.

The Avenor Christmas Charity Fair is the way we carry on the Christmas spirit every year, with generosity and the joy of being together. This year’s edition took place on December 20 and was an event that, after a long time, brought together students, teachers, parents, alumni and also guests from outside the Avenor community.

The work behind the event

The whole event is 100% student led! The team of Fair organisers was formed this year by 60 high school students who are enthusiastic, involved, innovative and with a genuine desire to produce a change for the better.

The organising team, under the coordination of Clara and Maria, two 11th grade students, worked for almost a month to plan, execute, communicate and implement this project so that the Christmas Fair will take place according to the tradition – involving everyone, with attention to detail, with surprises and good cheer and last but not least, safe for all participants.

The organising team issued an open invitation to the entire community in order to bring as many guests as possible to the campus to enjoy and at the same time help the less fortunate.

We receive, but we want to give. We want to help those who don’t have the same opportunities or resources as us, or don’t have the love and support they so desperately need.

Our Christmas Fair is a place to meet friends, have fun and eat goodies, but also make a difference!” – Clara and Maria, coordinators of the Avenor Christmas Charity Fair.


The charitable cause of the event

A charitable cause mobilised the entire community – the cause of the ”Ajungem Mari” Association – an organisation nationally acclaimed for their immeasurable contribution towards bettering the lives and education of children from orphanages or disfavoured environments.

The amount of 40,000 lei that comes from the proceeds and donations from the Fair will be directed to the “Ajungem Mari” Association.

The Fair Day

On the day of the Fair, the high school students delighted their younger colleagues with cotton candy, pancakes, popcorn, hot chocolate, hot dogs, photos with Santa, photo booths, skill games, jumping games and video games. Every student in the school toured the Fair to see what surprise awaits at the next stand. Whether they participated with their schoolmates, or were accompanied by their parents or friends, all Avenor students felt the joy of this day.

The atmosphere was assured by the best carolers – the teachers’ choir, students from the Good Vibes club and Sara’s Band.

Congratulations to the student organisers and thanks to the entire community for keeping the Christmas spirit alive together!