Ilinca, a 10th grade student at Avenor College, has created an online reading club open to any high school student who wants to discover new books, meet new people, and participate in thematic discussions that can take them out of their comfort zone by exposure to opinions different from his own. Find out more from Ilinca about the book club that already has members from other schools .

Novel Bunch is an online reading club organised by high school students for high school students. It all started as a joke. In October we already had our first meeting (the book of the month being “Portrait of Dorian Gray”, written by Oscar Wilde), with members from 4 different schools in Romania. The club meets online at the end of each month, but is also active on the Goodreads platform, where we often have short discussions between meetings.

Why attend a reading club?

  • You read new books;
  • You have the chance to express your opinions in an open and friendly environment;
  • You meet different opinions from yours;
  • You meet other people your age;
  • You enrich your general culture;
  • You learn to express ideas about characters, themes, literary motives, intrigue, etc.

The Novel Bunch Reading Club opens you to books you might not read on your own. Even if you don’t like the book you are reading and find it difficult to finish, you discover new things about yourself and the other participants. The role of such a club is to take you out of your comfort zone, in a pleasant and fun way. Learning new opinions can open a new world of thinking.

Novel Bunch is not just about reading a book followed by a discussion about characters and literary motives. It is about the opinion that each of us has about the book, about the emotions and feelings it created for us, about how the themes encountered there are applied in everyday life. You create connections with other members. Sometimes you will agree with their opinions, other times you will try to convince them that your perspective is better. You may even be confused – but you won’t get bored.

If you would like to participate, fill in the registration form here. You can also find us on Instagram at novel.bunch.

And don’t forget: Novel Bunch is mainly for fun and expression in a free and friendly space. The November book is “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” by Stephen Chbosky. We talk in Romanian, but you can read the book in any language you want 🙂