120 beneficiary students, an experience of 13 years and a program of over 650.00 euros. This is the very brief description of the Avenor Scholarship Program. But what does this scholarship program mean beyond the numbers?


There are voices describing the program as a chance for excellence, others as an opportunity not to be missed. Some are motivated by the desire to succeed, encouraged by the results of an education system that proves its effectiveness every year, and others are captivated by the success stories of others, by the projects carried out and by the impact they have on the community.

Regardless of the goals that lead them to apply to the scholarship program, the candidates are definitely extraordinary students who want to help, to get involved, to make a difference – for themselves and for those around them.

Dana Papadima, Educational Director at Avenor and member of the Scholarship Committee provides a full description of the Avenor Scholar profile.

The Avenor Scholar brings together a number of academic characteristics and moral traits that derive directly from the values ​​of our School and make the most of the Avenor Learner Profile, in general.

 Obviously, the standards of academic excellence are extremely high, but, along with these, we want our scholars to demonstrate a constant proactive attitude, to exemplarily respect the standards of behavior, to participate in all the School’s events, to be true role models for our entire school community. Along with these desirable criteria for all our students, the Avenor scholarship holder demonstrates his added value through an individual project (or a mini-team) that he proposes, leads and monitors during a school year, or over several years. Obviously, the project of each scholarship holder also circumscribes the Avenor Learner Profile, taking different forms (artistic, ecological, academic, creating events) that reflects work autonomy and emotional and moral engagement in community life.

Meet the Avenor scholars from 2021-2022 school year

In the 2021 – 2022 school year, Avenor supported 14 scholars – 10 students continued their scholarship from the previous year (2020-2021) and 4 new students. 

We invite you to find out the reasons behind the decision of each of the new scholars to enroll in this race for excellence.

Tudor, grade 9

“For me, the scholarship status is an honor, but also an opportunity to develop and evolve. Coming from the national school system, I was looking for an education system that would encourage student development at all levels. I applied for a scholarship at Avenor because I identified with the school’s values ​​and because I wanted to develop and reach my full potential.”


Antonia, grade 11

”I applied for a scholarship here at Avenor because I admired the other scholarship students as well as their projects and I wanted to achieve the same thing. It was a way for me to take on more responsibilities, challenge myself and give back to the community. It has been a great journey so far and I am glad I get to be a part of it.”

Ada, grade 11

”When I first applied, my initial motivation was to take on a new challenge. I have always found I could balance all my subjects and extra-curricular activities rather easily, so I was excited to change things up.

Additionally, I acknowledged it as an opportunity to develop organizational and leadership skills. Looking at fellow scholarship students, I appreciated all the effort and ambition with which they worked to bring their projects to life. I was sure of the fact that there were long hours of work behind the scenes, but with those came the opportunity to learn and progress.

Lastly, I was convinced of the fact that it would have a long-term impact on my professional and personal life. It would give me endless opportunities to make connections, explore different topics and subjects, help my peers and my community and make a change in life at Avenor.”

Alexa, grade 9

”I chose to apply for my scholarship because, at the time, I firmly believed I met the criteria of a scholarship student. I had the grades necessary to apply, but that was not the main reason. I decided to apply because I wanted to bring a new perspective to the community with my project, Avenor Wellbeing, a project which focuses on the wellbeing of the students in Avenor. In addition, I wanted to be a role model to the other students and to motivate them to achieve their goals.”

The Avenor College Scholarship Programme offers High School students scholarships that cover between 25% and 100% of the annual tuition fee. The scholarships are awarded until the end of the current educational cycle, subject to compliance with the terms of the scholarship contract.

More information about the awarding of scholarships, criteria, registration and the programme schedule for the 2023-2024 school year can be found on the Avenor website.