Christiana Kalantzi

Literacy Teacher

My whole life I dreamt of being a Primary Education teacher and I managed to fulfil that dream in 2013. During my studies, I was challenged to be creative and nurturing but as I love being among children, that part was not difficult.

In 2015, I completed my Master’s Degree in Special and Inclusive Education at UCL, Institute of Education, London. I was compassionate towards these students but I also tried to make them part of the society and the modern job market. I started working as a teacher in a school in Hatfield, UK. I was teaching Year 3. This year was vital as I embedded and practiced the current English National Curriculum. On a day to day basis, I built my confidence and experience in the class with my students.

In 2016, I moved to Romania and I started working at an international school. The challenges here were different as many of my students were EAL (English as an additional language) so I had to change my perspective and my teaching. Teaching young children with no English revealed that I had to use other techniques like gestures and role play to teach all the necessary learning objectives. I have also been an Early Years Coordinator. My creativity and communication skills allowed me to work well with and understand the needs of students and teachers. I organised training sessions and presentations for all the staff and modelled lessons in order to help my colleagues plan and teach effectively.

I strongly believe that teachers should continue to learn and expand their knowledge as they teach. For that reason, I decided to complete a second Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at UCL, London.

This will be my second year in the Avenor team and I am really excited as I start in the new role of the Literacy teacher. I am glad that I will get to know and work with all the children in the nursery.