Simona Bortoș

Asistent medical pediatrie - Grădiniță

My name is Simona. I am 43 years old and if I had to describe myself in two words I would choose honest and loyal. My motto is ‘’Everything happens for a reason’’.

I graduated in 1999 from ‘’Dr. Victor Babes’’ Nursing School and since then I have been doing this wonderful job of being a nurse. In Romania, my very first job was in the Oncology department and then I moved to the Obstetrical – C Section Surgery.

After that, I was given the opportunity to work in Italy at the largest Eastern European Oncology Institute –
I.E.O. and at ’’Istituto Sacra Famiglia’’ clinic. During the time spent in Italy, I also had the chance to work for 2 years at the ’’International School of Milan’’. I worked with children of different ages (3 – 12 years old), being able to assess the health needs of children, taking into account their medical, social, cultural and family circumstances. Being part of the I.S.M team taught me quite a lot about the private international preschool education system and the importance of being able to deliver care in a variety of cultures and settings.

I came back to Romania in 2013 and have worked until 2016 at an international nursery school in Bucharest as a school nurse. I have to admit that the most rewarding moments that I have had so far in my career were given by the best patients anyone could ever have: children.

I am happy to start my sixth year at Avenor Nursery!